10 Interesting Facts About BEN AFFLECK By kenny valdivia

Ben Affleck was born in Berkley, CA but moved to Boston, MA at a young age where he grew up.


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been friends since childhood. They became closer in high school at a school called Cambridge Rindge and Latin.

Has a younger brother named Casey who like Ben is also an actor. He has been in films such as Gone Baby Gone, The Finest Hours and recently won an Academy Award for his role in Manchester by the Sea.

Him and Matt Damon wrote and starred in "Good Will Hunting" which launched their careers and won them an Academy Award for best original story.

2003 was a rough year for Ben as he starred in huge flops like Daredevil and the worst movie of all time, it was so bad that in the UK they took it out of theaters after one week, Gigli.

Dated Jennifer Lopez whom he met on the set of Gigli. They were often dubbed as Bennifer. They even got engaged but called off the engagement due to being overwhelmed by the paparazzi. The wedding was cancelled 4 days before it was going to happen.

Worked with and was friends with Kevin Smith for many years. He starred in the movies Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Jersey Girl.

Dated Jennifer Garner after his relationship with Jennifer Lopez ended. The two married in 2005 and currently they have 3 kids together and are going strong as the two almost divorced on several occasions the past couple years.

Aside from acting Affleck is also a director. His directorial debut was in 2007 which was a critically acclaimed film called "Gone Baby Gone". He then directed and starred in "The Town" and "Argo" which were also critical and box office hits.

In November 2014, Ben Affleck visited Exceptional Minds and spoke about his career as well as research on Autism. It was an incredible day and a day I will never forget. Research or not I got to meet one of the biggest movie stars in the world. It was such an honor to meet him and speak to him.

I feel my skills are similar to Ben as we are both hard workers, noble, persistant and responsible. We both have a strong love for sports as he is seeing wearing a lot of Red Sox gear which shows he likes baseball as I watch baseball and wear baseball caps too. Are skills are different as he has way more films on his resume than I do as I do not have any. He is a husband and father as I am not.

I am inspired by Ben Affleck because he sets out a great example for people like me to never give up on our dreams and to be persistant. Also he has helped out in charity events and shows how good of a heart he can have. I am also inspired by him cause I seen so many of his movies and every time I see him on screen I can expect something new and different. He inspires me to be myself and to not let anyone put me down.

I like the majority of his movies because he always gives it his all whether the movie is bad or good. Also every project he does he seems to really take it seriously. I like that he is very fan friendly and is never afraid to speak his mind. What I don't like is that he counts cards while playing poker and it causes the casinos to kick him out. But overall he seems like a chill guy.

I am always excited to see his movies because every movie he does it shows he is a very well rounded actor as he can do multiple genres whether it's action, drama, comedy, romance, etc.

He reminds me of a friend who is very persistant and is willing to do whatever it takes to get to where he wants to get. He even reminds me of myself at times as I have a strong love movies and others and reaching a goal.

These details show that he is no different from me or anyone else I know. He is a human being like me and has a life like me. Just because he may have more money than me and better expenses than me does not make him better than me.

I am very ecstatic that he does what he does. This is my opinion. If I could hang out with him for one full day I totally would.

My style of acting and writing I feel is very similar to his as I am a multi-genre guy when it comes to movies and music.

His movie The Town inspired me that if you grow up rough and want to turn your life around that you totally can but it can be risky.

His movie Gone Girl inspired me to be careful of my surroundings and get to know women a bit better cause women are very tricky figures.

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