Extreme Weather And its effect on cLimAte change

Extreme weather has a surprising effect on climate change. With the rising temperatures, the ocean vapor makes the storms stringer. The rising water levels also contribute the duration of the storms. With the added strength and duration of the storms, it can and will add more damage costs and destruction to the hit areas.

Another aspect to extreme weather is the opposite of storms. Drought has gotten worse and worse in certain parts of the world where droughts happen. Animals leave in search of water, plants cannot survive, and the ecosystem ultimately dies.

There is no possible way to completely rectify this situation, but there is definitely a way to help slow global warming and climate change. Recycle.

Simply turn off lights when you're not in the room

Use public transport, or better yet, a bike.

If we all just do a little bit, it will add up, and we'll be able to slow the inevitable climate change


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