Wasted Days and Wasted Nights A metEoric rise to stardom: A Daughter's Story

“Just let me sing!”

These are the prophetic words of Freddy Fender, who rose from an impoverished background in South Texas to achieve international superstardom as a rock ‘n’ country singer during the 1970s. For the millions of fans worldwide who have loved Freddy, this book offers an in-depth exploration of Freddy’s personal and professional life: from his hardscrabble childhood to his raucous early years, leading to his explosion onto the world stage as a one-of-a-kind performer.

The Life Story of Freddy Fender is the first of a two-volume publication which will tell the story of this singular entertainer. Written by Freddy’s daughter, Tammy Lorraine Huerta-Fender, the book conveys in rich detail what Freddy went through to succeed. The book also reveals the painful truth behind that success, and how the misery of substance abuse tore both him and his family apart. Freddy’s journey to redemption forms the heart of this biography, as does his faith in a Higher Power.

Frank, uncompromising and bold, this book is the definitive work on the life and legacy of Freddy Fender, told as no other could tell.

Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender loves being a native Tex-Mex princess. She is also a true valley-girl from the Rio Grande Valley and was born in her father's hometown of San Benito, Texas. Huerta is a passionate, conservative, patriotic citizen who especially enjoys serving as a community volunteer helping the homeless and addicted. She is also a co-founder of an AA registered group. During her years of research and writing this amazing heartfelt saga of life growing up with an icon, she was determined to earn an education. She is now a senior and honor student at the University of Houston in Clear Lake. Her major is in Behavioral Science; her ultimate dream is to go to Law School and one day speak for people to defend their constitutional rights.

Tammy Lorraine keeps her father's legacy alive as an affiliate of the music industry as well as through social and political forums. She voices her genuine spirit and inspires others to challenge themselves in the belief that hope and courage are in fact attainable through a Higher Power. Just as her father achieved the American Dream, Ms. Huerta Fender believes others can overcome personal struggles, social prejudice, and addictions, yet still persevere in the pursuit of their own destiny.

Dreams are made by the living; when we stop dreaming, we give up on ourselves and those we love. My good fortune is wisdom; I learned it's never too late to live, learn, love, let go and forgive, and aspire to life's sweet dreams once again.

Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender

Author Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender talks about her new book "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" with the San Benito High School Media Department. Tammy also met with students, sharing stories of her father as a young student at the school; she describes how Freddy was forced to drop out In the 9th grade due to the need to earn money for his family as a child migrant worker.

Author Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender talks to elementary students at Frank Roberts Elementary School, the same school Freddy Fender attended as a child. The author also attended Frank Roberts. Tammy explains to the children that her father, who was a child migrant worker, went to school barefooted, had no lunch to eat, and yet still achieved the great American dream. Tammy tells the children that it does not matter where you come from or what you did in the past, what matters is where you are headed in life. The children asked if she could sing; Ms. Fender sang the same song she performed when she was in the 2nd grade, on the very same stage!

Daughter Tammy speaks to the citizens at the unveiling of her late father's Memorial Ceremony in San Benito, Texas. Fender was honored with a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame Fender in 1999. He died in October 14, 2006 and a replica was made to place by his headstone.
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San Benito, Texas High School Media Department