Inheritance Christopher Paolini

Summary: This is the final book in the Eragon series. It is about a boy and his dragon fight to get from under a dark king. In the rest of the Eragon series, it is about the adventures that Eragon and Saphria go through. The last book, focuses mostly on the battles and final struggles that they go through to bring the land back to its original state of peace and harmony.

Author Biography: The author, Christopher Paolini, was 15 years old when he wrote the first book in the Eragon series, 'Eragon'. From an early age, Christopher was homeschooled, a long with his younger sister. During this time, he wasn't that interested in reading, but his mother worked with him, until one day, he picked up a book and never seemed to put them down. When he was young, he became interested in dragons, he was always daydreaming about them. That is what inspired his books.

There are many themes in this book, one being loyalty. In this story Saphira and Eragon must stay loyal to each other or else they can't accomplish the things that they set out to do, like save their people.

Another theme in this book is bravery. Both Eragon, Saphira, and many other characters are put in situations where they must face their fears head on. They have been put in these situations because they are facing this for someone that they love or something that they feel strongly about.

These characters must also have a strong sense of morality. It would be so easy for Eragon and Saphira to turn to 'the dark side' and abandon everything that they stand for because it would be easier. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and they follow what they know is right and what they need to do for the betterment of the masses and not just themselves.


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