LOL...omg Chapter 1 hIgh school in digital age

Technology has fundamentally changed high school life in many positive ways and some negative ways.

High school is is a place to develop your identity and making some mistakes is a necessary part of you process. The challenge is to avoid having those mistakes and haunting you forever.

Internet is only 20 years old and as much like a young adult, its identity is still being shaped.

The solution is to educate yourself and become a conscious created content. There are no easy answers and or quick fixe in high school.

I think Technology can be a good thing, but also a bad thing. The good thing is it's way easier to have technology because it's easier to look at your grades on the interent when you have an iPad and it's easier to get homework done faster you'll have some of your textbooks on a device so you don't have to haul it in your backpacks all he time. The bad thing is you can get easily distracted by watching YouTube videos and finding games on the internet which is causing you to forget about your homework or just not doing your homework and playing games.

"I believe that high school today is harder that it has been for any previous generation."

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