Unity in Diversity The Official Publication of the ASHS General Academics Strand

Our dear readers, this is our maiden issue. It is no wonder that many are asking why this oft-quoted phrase is chosen for the strand organ. It’s simple: it is us.

Last 2015, Ateneo de Manila University diversified her first batch of K-12 Grade 11 class of what was soon to be Ateneo de Manila Senior High School by opening her doors to indigent and female applicants. Aside from the “traditional” or “home-grown” Ateneans as they were called, the new school building was buzzling with women and scholars. The talents the school has diversified, too. There were debate champions, math wizards, fine writers, and amazing athletes comprised not only the home-grown ones but the new Ateneans also.


By Froilan Bomaras and Anthony Jorge

The diversity in backgrounds and abilities is well represented by the General Academic Strand. In fact, our strand is a microcosm of our Alma Mater. As suggested by the name, this strand comprises all the disciplines under the scope of the other strands. The GA curriculum is diverse and flexible. It has subjects taken from other strands. The GA student is free to choose some of one’s subjects for Grade 12.

The strand also houses versatile students of various aptitudes and skills. We have good athletes, such as Suzanne Himor who just broke a record in swimming.We also have strandmates who excel in debating, such as Julia Ocoma who participated debate contests and got recognitions. We also have strandmates who excel in the arts, such as Deji Eclarin in visual arts and Elisse Ofilada, who just won an essay writing competition.

Here are the other proofs of the diversity of talents in the GA strand. Let their pictures tell the story.

Left: Michael Gerochi - Bronze in Judo, Middle: Suzanne Himor - Broke a Record in Swimming, Right: Canciano Llenos - UAAP Volleyball Player
Left: Julia Ocoma - Silver in Debating, Right: Froilan Bomaras - Grade 11 Bible Quiz Bee Overall Champion
Left: Elisse Ofilada - Silver in Writing, Middle: Keziah Pasion and Michael Gerochi as models for Posturang Pinoy, Right: Deji Eclarin - Portrait of Frida Kahlo
GO, gA! gO!

By Froilan Bomaras, Frankie Sy, and Suzanne Himor

"Go, GA! Go!"

This utterance seems to have some bad connotation, for it is similar to a Filipino swear word. Yet, it is actually the cheer every GA student and GA teacher is proud to shout, despite the criticisms and challenges, despite the differences in talents and views. We are one still.

Every time when someone among us wins in a contest, we say, "Go, GA! Go!". That just happened during the last Bible Quiz in the high school fair. The teachers told the winning contestant, "Go, GA! Go!" When there is a hard exam, some teacher writes, "Go, GA! Go!" It is Mr. Leonardo Balmaceda Jr.'s habit to write this on the board when it is midterms or finals to boost the morale of the students. Even the last GA Week is a source of joy for everyone, as it presented the various of all Ateneans, not only the GA students. Another source of cheering is the finished work of students about the said event, just like these ones which are entries of the stained glass contest of a GA section. We all say in victory, "Go, GA! Go!"

Even if this strand of ours is the melting pot of all sorts in our beloved school, we, as one, dare to say, "Go, GA! Go!"

GA Week Stained Glass Competition (11 - Canisius)


just starting

By Froilan Bomaras

As we have written, this is our maiden issue, but a truthful witness of the goodness and greatness of our strand.

I, as editor, prefer to make this ending message short and not wordy.

It is truly glad and heartening to see this strand, given its talented students and unshakable unity. However, we are halfway yet of our journey. More challenges are to come. Nevertheless, let us remember. We are still young eagles though, knowing how to fly, is still not fully experienced of it. The coming challenges are needed to fully equip for the future.

My dear friends, this is just the start of the challenge. Let us continue to soar like the eagle--always aspiring.

Truly, it is unity in diversity—one spirit, multiple abilities.

By Omega and Alpha


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