Tour of the Harn By Yonatan Zigdon

These exquisite pieces of art caught my eye as soon as I walked into the museum. The combination of the white backdrop and the vibrant coloring of yellow in these pieces makes a picture tell none of the story. Seeing this on the internet would not nearly do this picture justice. These two are the only two pictures on a giant white wall giving them a sense of ominous importance. The piece on the right specifically caught my eye due to its emotional recklessness. I can picture the artist feeling great amounts of emotion as he/she passionately scraped his/her brush across the canvas. Capturing such a moment of passion is truly what grabbed my attention. These pieces made me open up to different meanings of art. A great artwork will not always be the prettiest but instead the one that captures the most true emotion.

The design of the museum plays a huge roll in the enjoyment of the artwork. Walking into the Harn museum of art, I was immediately baffled by the high ceilings and the clean modern look of the interior. Walking through the exhibits I was able to better focus on the importance of the artwork due to the simple single-colored walls and floors. The museum was set up by separating different regions of the globe which gave the self-guided tour a feeling as if I was traveling the world, one region at a time. This allowed me to appreciate groups of art from specific cultures together. Towards the front entrance straight across from the doors was a room with ceilings that seemed to be a football field high. In this room were paintings some realistic, others interpretive depictions of cities around the world. I was immersed by the combination of the beautiful paintings of skyscrapers along with the tall ceiling giving that third dimension to the two dimensional drawing.

This piece of art depicts Jade Fruits representing long life and prosperity. Each fruit sculpture containing its own meaning in ones life. For example the pomegranate with hundreds of seeds represents blessings to the offspring. The peach and the bat in flight symbolize wishes for long life and prosperity. Lastly the "Buddha hand" citron fruit portrays religious imagery in nature. All these core values can be related to my life and many others. The wish for long life and prosperity to all is a core value that everyone can relate to. This artwork enhances my belief in the simple representing more than just a simple thing. Meaning a pomegranate can represent offsprings prosperity in the many seeds it contains.

A sculpture portraying the Dancing Ganesh from the 13th century, one of the most beloved representations of divinity in Hinduism. Ganesh can solve all problems and bestow blessings upon any person. Ganeshs' roll in the "Good Life" is to teach his followers how to overcome any obstacle in there way and if need be to even solve some himself. One important aspect in many peoples representation of the "Good Life" is religion. In Hinduism people strive for the "Good Life" by following many different gods such as Ganesh. Millions of people across the world continue to pray and follow these gods today. Thus leading me towards the hypothesis that there is no single correct meaning to what the "Good Life" actually is. Instead this life can be different across culture to culture, country to country and even decade to decade.

Created By
Yonatan Zigdon


Created with images by D-Stanley - "Museum Collection"

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