Book Report Natalie wong S2E 25

I have read a book called The Original Vevleteen Rabbit.The author is Margery Williams and the book was illustrated by A.Chao. The publisher of it is Heliopolis.There are 37 pages in the book.

On the Christmas morning.A velveteen rabbit is on the top of the boy's stocking
The story is about a velveteen rabbit which was given to a boy as a Christmas gift,and it knew a friend,Skin Horse.One day,rabbit asked his friend that what "real" is?Skin Horse told it:If your owner love you very much,and you love your owner too,you become real,then the velveteen rabbit wants to become real and find a way to become real.


  • Rabbit
  • Skin horse
  • little boy


This book is a story for children to read.From children's angle to see.It's about a vevleteen rabbit fighting for its dream,but you will find out that the older you are,the deeper meaning you find out.There is a sentence that makes people think:when you are Real you don't mind being hurt.The word Real in the sentence means real love and your true self.Just be yourself and never regret or be affected by other's.In the story, the rabbit always feel confused about whether itself is real or not because of other's words,the message that writer wants to talk about is we need to be confident in ourseleves,never question or doubt yourself.I think this story is worth reading to read twice.Everytime you read,the things that we understand will become different too.

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