NOPIA is awesome

This is the currency in NOPIA.

This is a map of my utopia and the different islands and there different purposes

This is our meighty flag of NOPIA.

Below is an example of one of the houses.


The communities purpose is to have fun! The responsibility that each person must have is to not break the rules.

The rules are:

#1 do not touch people's stuff unless given permission, no harassment.

#2 no stealing killing or beating.

Our currency is starfish bucks, they are made of paper and have a star fish in the middle of it with the starfish buck cymbal on ether side of the starfish. The color is orange.

The transportation is by boat unless emergency we take a helicopter.

The climate of the utopia is tropical like the Caribbean's.

Everyone votes to pass laws. If any of the laws are broken the person who broke the laws will have to work in a farm or mine for 2 weeks. If laws are broken 5 times the person will be sent on a drift away boat with no food or water.

Any questions? Thank you for your time.
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