Good Life Nature Activity By: Gabriel Kaul-Ardelt

This exhibit shows a large carnivorous plan which traps its prey with sweet scents and then absorbs them with toxins inside of its bell shaped inside and uses the nutrients in order to grow larger. This exhibit shows this in large scale so one can better appreciate this marvel of a plant. For instance the bugs have been increased in size and so has the other vegetation around it has been enlarged so one can feel like one is really taking a magnified look at the plant. It is also possible to see the inside of the which helps one better understand how the overall chemical reaction is occurring inside of it.
I believe the museum did a really good job to show how one can coexist and appreciate nature in an ethical manor and not by disturbing anything. In this photo if one looks closely you can see the face of the Indian hidden in a mural of nature which helps us to remember how the native Americans had inhabited this area a long time before and that we should remember and cherish them. We have also inhabited the responsibility of respecting the land that we live on and the native Americans did a good job at this and we can look at out ancestors for advance on how we could take better care of our earth.
When I think of the mysteries that exist in nature one of the first things i think of is that of the deep ocean where we have not even come close to discovering all of the many creatures and organisms which inhabit that mysterious realm. It is a truly a marvel how scientists can constantly discover new species that we have never seen before in the darkest and deepest depths. It is also interesting for me to see how the creatures down there live a different life as they have to adapt to different situations than we do. It really helps me appreciate the majesty of nature where things learn how to adapt and survive in extreme conditions which seem very unpleasant.

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