AMALGAM CONCEPTS territory development

We, Gleb and Marina Belyaev, founders of Amalgam Concepts, SIA, moved to Latvia in 2015. From 2017 we live in Kraslava and discover the rich potential of this region. Our company works in the following main areas:

We create jobs for local specialists of different specialties.

The first batches of our own cosmetic brand MORE BEAUTIFUL DAYS® are yet made in Kraslava.

From Kraslava we promote the brand to the countries of the European Union.

We organize production and development of cosmetics formulations, which include ingredients from local raw materials.

In the nature of our region there are many plants used in the manufacture of our cosmetics - cornflower, sage, linden and many others.

The collection and processing of local raw materials is one of our main tasks for the nearest future.

We invite economically active population to the region, help with the arrangement in a new place.

We know from our own experience how and for what people can move to Kraslava. We use our experience to help those who want to follow this way.

We take a part in the enrichment of the cultural environment.

Restoring historically significant places and creating new centers of cultural influence are one of the permanent areas of our activity. We participate in the restoration of the Kraslava Jewish cemetery and work on some new exhibition projects.

Promotion of territory possibilities.

Kraslava region has unique natural resources and attractive geographic location. The Latvian state, local government, various organizations of the European Union create even more opportunities for Kraslava. Informing about these opportunities is an important part of our work.


Gleb Belyaev, +371 28 104 158, Marina Belyaeva, +371 28 104 159, glebbelyaev1970@gmail.com

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