Evangelistic command, "GO"
Ecclesiastical charge associated with this command is "MAKE"
Transformative objective is,"Disciples"
Geographical freedom, " ALL NATIONS"
Pnumatological power, "BAPTIZE"
Theological instruction,"TEACH"
Hermeneutical insight, "Observe"
Christological promise, "I'll be with you always"
Eschatological conclusion,"UNTILE THE END OF THE WORLD"

Building Bridges

One stone at a time
Building bridges one stone at a time is a seven module discipleship training campaign consisting of one mission, five essential functions and four outcomes.
The great commission is the mission,worship,evangelism,discipleship,fellowship, divers ministries are the five essential functions and the four outcomes are spiritual growth,numerical growth Ministry growth,mission advancement.
Power in partnership
Four outcomes of Building bridges are
Spiritual growth
Numerical growth
Ministry growth
Mission advancement
Power in partnership
The purpose of The Building Bridges Mission, is to shine light on the prophetic power, the intentional plan the divine purpose and the preordained privilege we have in this post resurrection period.

Building bridges one stone at a time is a seven module discipleship training mission designed for kingdom transformation and kingdom acquisition.

Power in partnership
Power in Partnership
Created By
Timothy Jemmott

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