Around the world I go Sara the water droplet

On a bright sunny day I was minding my own business as I was drinking my ice cold lemonade in my red inner tube . I was just about to drift asleep until,

"Sara, tell Cloe that I'm going to be the only one to get to go to the ocean!" Roxy yellled in a annoying tone .

" I don't get why you guys want to go to the ocean and leave are beautiful river that we are able to call home" I told Cloe and roxy.

"Well your no help" Cloe mumbled to herself .

"WHOOSH!!!" The river roared .

"Guys hurry get out of sight , before we get swept away by the runoff " Roxy exclaimed as she jumped out of her iner tube as fast as a cheetah.

"SPLASH" All three droplets were safe in the water but not for long .

" HELP ! HELP US! PLEASE ANYONE WE ARE GETTING PUSHED BY THE RUNOFF!!" Cloe yelled at the top of her lungs .

"It's not called a runoff stupid" Roxy sneered at Cloe

"Yes it is" I mumbled.

"Wait what's runoff" Roxy laughed.

"Runoff is the rain that did not get (infiltrated) absorbed into the soil, or did not evaporate, and therefore, made its way from the ground surface into places that water collect. Runoff causes erosion. It also carries chemicals and substances on the ground surface along to the rivers where the water ends up." I explained.

"Oh I knew that" Roxy laughed kind of sheepishly.

As we were getting pushed down the river we realized where we were heading .

"Were headed straight for the ocean." I exclaimed.

"Well at least we aren't lost. " Roxy pointed out.

The river was starting to die down and they were just flowing in the river all the way down to the ocean .

"AAHHHH" they all gasped as they fell into the ocean with a big , SPLASH

"Ho-ly smokes it feel-s li-ke a fre-ez-er in he-re" I stuttered.

Y-eah it doe-s " Cloe stuttered

We finally found some water blankets and got warm in some little caves that we called are temporary home .

"So I have a question. " Roxy asked

"What is it " I asked Roxy as I was making my water bed.

"Are we ever going to get to go home ?" Roxy asked .

"I'm sure we will find a way back." I assured her.

We continued to work to try and build a temporary home, and try to find a exit.

" I'm going to the surface to see if there is anyone to help us" I told Roxy and Cloe.

As I was swimming to the surface , I had a flashback . Will I ever get to see my family again? I thought to myself as my eyes were getting watery. I have to find a way home I told myself . Once I reached the surface I looked around but nothing was there, so I waited for awile then all of a sudden a seagull flew down and landed on a coral filled rock .

"What are you doing out in the ocean little droplet ? Don't you know that this is not a place for droplets ? " the seagull said in a stern voice .

"We got swept up by the flash flood , we are lost . Is there anyway to get back to are home? " I asked shyly.

"How many of you are here" he asked in a deep voice .

"Just me and my two other friends, they are down there" I replied pointing down to the ocean floor .

"Bring them up here" he demanded.

"O-okay" I stuttered as I swam down to get my friends.

"Guys, come on I have found a way to get out" I bloated .

"Really" they both said in unison .

" Yeah but we have to hurry " I told them .

As we swam up to the ocean I thought to my self oh boy I sure hope this works.

"Just you three need to escape the depths of the ocean blue sea" the seagulle asked .

"Wait a seagull is are ticket out of here ? " Cloe asked confused.

"No I'm not, the clouds are " the seagull added

"The clouds?!" Roxy shouted

"How in the world are those big giant cotton candy looking things supposed to help us?" Roxy continued.

"It's simple you wait at the top of the surface and wait to evaporate into the clouds" the seagull asserted .

"Wait what's evaporation?" Cloe asked in confusion.

"Evaporation is simply the process by which liquid turns into gas. Water (liquid) turns into vapor (gas) when heat energy is applied to raise its temperature to 100°C (212°F). Water in the liquid state is a compound, and the heat breaks up the bonds into water molecules, which is gaseous in nature." The seagull explained to Cloe.

"Wow" Cloe said in disbelief.

"Are you a science teacher" Roxy asked amazed.

"Ahhh , I'm floating in mid air !! Help some one get me " I demanded.

"Ahhh" both Cloe and roxy screamed.

"Take a chill pill , holy smokes you guys are just evaporating. You guys will turn back to normal once to reach the clouds ." The seagull yelled as he darted away .

"Wait what's evaporating mean " Cloe asked stupidly.

"Oh my gosh" Roxy said as she slapped her face.

Once we got up to the clouds we started looking for ways to get down.

"I've got it we could try and make the cloud drop us right back into the river " Cloe stupidly said .

"It's callled precipitation " I added .

"What's perception" Cloe chuckled.

"Did you learn anything in science class" I asked Cloe.

"No" Cloe bursted out in laughter.

"This is simply the various water forms present in the atmosphere, usually falling as snow, rain, sleet and hail. Sometimes, it can represent as fog and may not fall as rain does, but they are all classified as precipitation.

After condensation, the size of water droplets in the atmosphere get bigger as more and more water particles bump into each other. Soon, the force of gravity is more than the wind or air currents holding it. The water has to come down." I told her.

"Oh okay" Cloe laughed.

"But if there's supposed to be a bunch of other water droplets where are they?" Roxy asked.

"Good question" I said looking around.

"HELP US, PLEASE" a bunch of blue water droplets screamed.

"Ahh, jeez that scared me" Cloe chuckled but was still a little frightened.

All three of us walked over to the water droplets. They were locked up in this cage. And there was a number "42/45"!

"Please help us get back, to our homes. All you have to do, is get in with us we just need three, more water droplets to make the cloud drop us." A wise water droplet pleaded.

Should I trust them I asked myself.

"Oh alright, but you promise that, this will get us down there?" Roxy asked pointing down to our river.

"Yes 100% sure it will" A young water droplet yelped.

"Okay" I said as I claimed in the cage full of water droplets. " Were waiting on you two" I told Cloe and Roxy.

"Oh, fine" Cloe and Roxy sighed as they climbed in the cage.

The cage started to shake and do unusual things and then all of a sudden BAM! We were in midair on, our way down to our river.

"I can barley talk" Cloe tried to giggle but her mouth could barley open.

"Well duh, were participating." Roxy shouted.

"Isn't perception when the cloud has to much water water molecules has to drop them" Cloe said smartly .

"Sure good enough" I laughed .

At first we were headed straight to our river, when a huge gust of wind came, and blew us in the opposite direction we needed to go.

"Where are we headed" Roxy yelled.

"I'm not sure where the wind is taking us" I said unsure.

The wind crashed us into a tree and that's the last I remember until we woke up in the wet, mushy , brown mud .

"Ewww" Cloe sobbed as she wiped the mud off her face .

"Where are we?" I asked.

"I have no freaking clue, but wherever we are we, need to get out of here." Close sobbed.

"Guys I'm sinking help me!" I pleaded.

"Um um " Roxy stuttered as she grabbed my arm and pulled as hard as she could.

"I can't I'm stuck now! Cloe help us" Roxy panicked .

"I'm infiltrating" I thought back to middle school.

"Speak English" Roxy yelled.

" Since I'm made of water I'm absorbing into the ground" I told Roxy.

"Grab ahold!" Cloe said as she pulled so hard that her face was as red as a red tomato.

"Ahhhh, I'm falling!" Cloe stressed.

Well once again Cloe and Roxy are no help what so ever I thought to myself .

" Were going to die " Cloe screamed.

"No were not Cloe ! We are just stuck" Roxy assured her.

"Guys I'm going under ! " I screamed for my life . I tried to keep my self up but it was like two hands pulling me down and not letting go .

I couldn't breathe I didn't know what was happening but then it came to me I was infiltrating into groundwater . I needed to get out of there as soon as I could . It was pitch black I couldn't see a thing .

"Ahhhhh" I yelled as I fell thru the mud into a place filled with billions and billions of water droplets . From old water droplets to infant water droplets it was like an underground city!

"Hi there , My names Timmy you must be new here" Timmy introduced himself.

"Um hi, My names Sara ... where am I?" I asked Timmy as he helped me get back onto my feet .

" Your in Under-Topia , where did you come from" Timmy asked me .

"I came from , well I live in the river but I came from the clouds" I laughed at my own sentence.

"You must be exhausted, would you like to rent a hotel for the night? Timmy asked me .

"That sounds wonderful but , I don't have no cash on me it's all at my house " I sighed.

"No worries I'll pay for it " Timmy insisted.

"Oh jeez, how nice of you " I said.

Okay, so I just fell through soil surface down to groundwater? I asked myself. Well at least there's nice people here. Wait where's Cloe and Roxy . I looked up and saw nothing but millions of little holes . They must've never fallen through the soil surface I told myself .

"Is there like anyway to get back to the river? " I asked Timmy.

"Um well I don't think so unless there was a flash flood and then we would have to jump in the groundwater flow , which would take us to the river " Timmy explained.

"What's groundwater flow?" I asked confused.

"It's a underground stream that we made that leads out to the river but, it only forms when there's a flash flood" Timmy explained.

"Oh I see." I chuckled .

It was getting late . I wasn't quite sure what time it was all I knew is that I needed a flash flood to happen , it was my only way out of here.

"Here's your hotel" Timmy told me as he gave me a room key .

"Do you work here?" I asked grabbing the key.

"Yep, I own it " he chuckled.

"Oh well thanks again for everything I really appreciate it " I thanked Timmy .

Ahhh I'm so tired I yawned to myself . As I was walking into the hotel I examined everything very closely , the couches had brown leather on them but had scratches all over them , the tile was as beautiful as a sunset it had all different colors in it which made it interesting and appealing to me. As I was walking up the stairs I noticed a picture onthe wall and it had Timmy in it , a little boy and a women. It was probably his family I assured myself .

"Do you need help finding your room" a maid asked as she was passing by .

"Um yeah I'm kinda lost" I laughed embarrassed.

"Oh no worries what's your room number" she smiled .

"147" I replied.

"Right there I just cleaned it so it's nice and fresh " she pointed down the hall and to the right .

"Thank you" I smiled and walked away trying not to show my embarrassment .

I finally found my room, I opened the key holder and took out the key I stared at it noticing it was a picture of the town. I slid the card into the keypad and it flashed green I turned the knob and walked in it was magnificent. It was to real to believe . The bathroom was humongous. The beds were water beds! And there was a flatscreen tv . The windows brought in such wonderful lighting and held a beautiful sight . It was as magical as a fairy tale.

"Everybody please stay come ! There has been a flash flood, please everyone grab only needed items and your inner tubes which are located in the closet , evacuate to the groundwater flow. Please be safe and respectful" a man on the loud speaker warned us .

I quickly grabbed my inner tube out of the closet and ran down the hall and out the door the only problem was , was that I didn't know how to get to the groundwater flow . So I just followed the crowd of droplets assuming that they were headed to the groundwater flow also. I was excited and frightened at the same time .

"Everyone please stay calm" the man in the loud speaker came in again.

I quickly thru my inner tube in the groundwater flow and jumped in it . It was like bumper cars . Everyone was bumping into each other , I could see the gates opening , I could see the path to the my river . I was going home ! I snuck a smile . Once we entered the river I jumped out of my inner tube and swam out of the way or I was going to get crushed . I swam down to my town and found my mom and dad looking thru my house.

"Mom,Dad what are you guys doing" I asked confused of why they were packing up my house .

"Sara" they both bursted into tears.

"Where have you been we were worried sick about you " they told me as they hugged me so tight that my guts were about to burst out of my body.

"I went on a adventure I guess" I laughed.

"All by yourself?" My mom asked me .

"No I was with Cloe and Roxy" I replied feeling bad that I left them behind.

"Where are they?" My dad asked confused.

"I'm not sure I think that they are still in soil surface " I said as put my head down.

"What?!" They both shouted.

"I couldn't go back for them I fell thru into groundwater and then I met this nice guy-" my dad cut me off

"What?! You met a guy! Sara!" He yelled at me.

"Oh my gosh dad, he let me stay in his hotel nothing else" I laughed trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Oh okay I was about to say" my dad said as he raised his eyebrow.

"Anyway the guy his name was Timmy and he let me stay in his hotel , you should of seen this hotel though it was magnificent, too real to believe. But when I was about to go to bed there was a flash flood and that's how I ended up back here" I shrugged.

"Well we are glad you are home" my mom said as she kissed me on the head.

"But why are you guys packing my stuff up" I asked very confused.

"Well since you were gone for so long we thought that you weren't coming back and Mrs. Dwensdale told us that we needed to put your house in the market so we started packing up your house" my mom explained to me.

"Wait do we still have to sell my house?" I asked.

"No, because your home now"my dad smiled as if he was proud to say that.

Once the talk with my parents was over my parents he,led me out everything back in place. I was so glad to be home, I couldn't wait to go meet up with my friends up at the surface later today.

"Thanks guys I love you both" I told my Mom and Dad as I gave them a big bear hug.

"We love you too" my dad said as he kissed me in the top of my head.

Once we got done putting everything back, I called my friends and told them that I would be there in 5 minutes.As I was swimming to the surface Mrs.Dwensdale came on the speaker.

"This is not a drill, we have been notified that there's a flash flood coming everyone please stay calm and remain in your houses until further-" Mrs.Dwensdale got cut off.

"Ahhhhhh flash flood" I screamed .

I tried swimming back down to my house but the flash flood just kept pushing me father and father away. It was controlling me. I had just gotten back and now I'm leaving again and who knows if I'll come back. A tear slowly slid down my face.

"MOM DAD SOMEONE HELP ME" I screamed so loud that I think ugh the my lungs were going to pop out.

It was worthless I wasn't even home for a day and I'm already been no taken away by this stupid flash flood and who knows where it's taking me. The strong waves pushed me so hard I could barely breath. The waves were starting to die down so I swam up to the surface to get some fresh air but then a huge water spout came underneath me and shot me so far up in the sky but when I came back down I wasn't in the river.

"Sweetie , come on wake up" A older water droplet stood above me .

"Huh?! Who are you, where am I ? " I asked trying to make out what I was seeing.

I didn't exactly know where I was but I sure wasn't in the river. There was a old lady standing above me it looked like. Everything was blurry. I was spinning.

"Sweetheart are you okay?" The old lady asked me concerned.

"Um yeah I think so at least" I said as I tried to stand up .

"Oh sweetie you fell from the sky you've been out for a couple of hours you shouldn't try anything" The old lady explained to me.

"Wh- where am I " I stuttered.

"Your in soil surface, honey" the old lady told me .

Soil surface? That's where I last saw Cloe and Roxy! They have to be here! I have to find them I told myself.

"I got to go thanks for everything" I said as I shot up .

"Where do you think your going" the old lady asked .

"To find my friends, I left them when I fell into groundwater " I replied.

"Good luck finding them this is a big area" the old lady continued.

"Well do you have a map?" I asked.

"No but I might know where your friends are" the old lady answered.

"Really?!" I added.

"So what happened" the old lady asked.

"Well we fell into this pit of mud, but this wasn't just mud it was like sinking sand and we were stuck and couldn't get out but I got pulled under and fell into this big city" I told her.

"Do you know what the city was called?" The old lady asked.

" umm Under-Topia I believe " I said unsure.

" Under-Topia Under-Topia , that's right down that way " she exclaimed pointing behind me.

"So just go straight down there?" I asked.

"Yep just go straight down there and you'll see it just don't fall in" the old lady chuckled .

It was a hot sunny day, I was walking down a path to find my friends minding my own business when all of a sudden a snake slithered across the path!

"AHHHHH" I screamed as I darted off as fast as I could .

Holy smokes that was close I almost got eaten alive I made myself laugh. I could see the pit in the distance and two blue blurs they're there! I smiled and tried to run but I couldn't I was out of breath, I could barley walk I was turning white! I could feel myself getting light as air and starting to lift up off the ground.

"Ahhhh what's happening" I screeched as I was now floating in midair.

I tried to think back to when we were at the ocean um um I was trying to think of what was happening I was evaporating!

"Help! I'm evaporating!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I was like a ghost . I wasn't blue anymore I was clear ! And was heading for the clouds again.Once I got up to the fluff of Cotten candy I had a huge meltdown. I was sobbing yelling all my pain out. When I heard a soft but deep voice.

"Oh stop your crying" a voice said.

"Who's there?" I stoped crying.

"It's me the clouds" the cloud chuckled.

"Well just leave me alone you stupid cloud" I mumbled.

"What was that?" The cloud asked in a deep scary voice.

"Nothing" I rolled my eyes.

"How long until your going to drop me " I asked annoyed.

"Right about now" the cloud laughed.

"Ahhhhhhh" I screamed as I fell suddenly from the clouds.

Uh I hate this stupid precipitation thing I told myself as I was falling out of the sky . I tried to look down but the gravity wouldn't let me . I hit something hard. Something cold.

"It's - so -s-o co-ld" I stuttered as I starting to shiver to death.

"Hey there you look cold" a polar bear passing by said.

"Yeah just a little" I tried to laugh but couldn't.

"Here follow us we'll take you to our cabin" the polar bear signaled me to follow her.

"You sh-sure" I stuttered.

"Of course hop on " the polar bear said as she laid down so that I could hop on her back.

It was like a blanket so warm and cozy. I wrapped my self up in her fur. We were allying for what seemed like hours. I dozed off to sleep.

"Wake up were here!" The polar bear shook me off her bed.

"Ahh" I shouted as I fell into the deep snow.

"Now there are other people here so please be nice to one another" the polar bear smiled as she opened the door.

"I will I pinky promise" I said as I lifted up my pinky.

Once we walked in she slammed the door behind us. It was so welcoming. There was a fireplace, a beautiful chandelier, and a huge couch. I was about to curl up on the couch when a baby polar bear knocked me off my feet.

"Buddy what did I tell you about running in the house" the polar bear asked the baby polar bear.

"Watch out!" two water droplets came running in the kitchen.

"Hi Ms.Tucker, Buddy said that we have a new guest!" One of the water droplets said.

I couldn't see what they looked like but their voices sounded familiar. The two water droplets turned around. It was Cloe and Roxy! But how!

"Cloe! Roxy!" I screamed as I ran over to them.

"Sara!" They both screamed.

We all joined in for a group hug.

"You guys know each other?" Ms.Tucker asked.

"Yeah were best friends" Cloe told her.

"But how are you guys here? I saw you guys in the sinking mud pit earlier today?" I asked Cloe and Roxy in confusion.

"What are you talking about we've been here for 3 days now . Once you got pulled under. We got evaporated into the clouds and he was a mean cloud too. And then Ms.Tucker found us out in the cold and brought us here!" Roxy explained.

"Well whatever I'm just so glad I found you guys" I laughed.

All of us curled up on the couch and watched a movie. We talked about are adventures. We laughed so hard. But mostly I was glad to have found my friends and I sure do never want to leave here again.

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