Positive Things In Africa

Bringing Internet

An autonomous drone with a wingspan larger then a Boeing 737

Flying at 60,000 feet, powered by solar, and staying in the air up to 90 days at a time

Mark Zuckerberg had this idea, it is now a part of internet.org

At 80 miles per hour, its able to bring communications to a 60 mile radius on the ground

A fleet of drones like this will bring free communications to the poorest and most secluded areas of the world

Bringing Light to Kenya

Bringing light to areas without electricity has the power to change peoples lives

Watts of Love is working to do that and change the lives of people everywhere

By giving people access to light 24 hours a day, it has the potential to drastically improve how they live

People are able to start business and not be limited by the sun when they work

It has the potential to pull them out of poverty and give them control of their life



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