History presentation by dan kr

Johann Sebastian Bach was born March 31 1685. As a child he came from a musical family so he automatically became a music sensation. Bach had an incredible singing voice which allowed him to go to a singing school in Luneburg. Once he grew up his voice changed so he started plying musical instruments such as the violin and the harpsichord.

Bach was a very serious man and did not take his music career as a joke. His talents landed him success and he got a new position in the new church in Arnstadt. Bach however did not get along with students and instructors due to some people being late to class or messing around. After several months the church sent Bach a letter and asked him to leave , however Bach was happy to leave and proceed with his music career. Bach was on his way to a new church in Muhlhusaun. Once he got there everything didn't go as plan and his music style clashed with the churches and complexed their singing. After a while the musical style was combined and rehearsed. Bach came to be very successful afterwards. By 1740 Bach's eyesight started to struggle but he continued to work. Bach wanted to fix his eyesight and tried with a surgery, the surgery ended up leaving him completely blind. A couple years later Bach suffered a stroke that killed him on July 28 1750 .

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