How To Survive 5th Grade In Mrs.Kolffs Class By Hannah

Keep the noise level down, it annoys Mrs. Kolff when she has to tell us to keep our noise level down. If she tells the class to keep the noise level down twice everyone is at there seats. If it is you talking then you will clip down.

Mrs. Kolff does not believe in homework. Other than math and reading minutes she does not hand out homework. But if you don`t finish projects in class that you where supposed to finish then you have to take it home and stay in for recess every day in till its done. So if you don`t want homework pay attention in class, know what your doing and get it done on time and you will never have homework other than math and reading minutes.

If you are being good or doing what your supposed to Mrs. Kolff will tell you to clip up on the clip chart. But if you are being bad like talking when the teacher is or not staying focused on what your working on Mrs. Kolff will tell you to clip down. Your goal is to clip up not down.

Mrs. Kolff gets very frustrated if she has to say things more than once. If everyone keep asking her the same question if she said it in the directions or not she can get very annoyed and frustrated.

Blogging is a very fun activity that we get to do for one hour every Friday! If we have been good then during blogging time we are allowed to use headphones and listen to music. Every post on your blog must be school appropriate, the text and the picture if you have one. With every post you do you have to have at least four sentences so you cant just put a video on and do no text, you have to have at least four sentences to go along with the video.

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