Eva Peron BY: Destiny Spaid

This page is about Eva Peron. It talks about where she was born and how she worked up to achieve her dreams and how successful she has been.

Where was Eva Peron born? Eva Peron was born on May 7, 1919 in a little village that was in Los Toledos in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

This is Buenos Aires in Argentina

Where did she move to become her dream? Eva Peron left high school after two years when her father died. She went to Buenos Aires to become an actress, politician, and a radio actress. But instead she became a first lady.

What did she do to become a better person? Eva Peron became one of the looked up to woman in the western hemisphere by campaigning for things. She married a Politician and made her have a high profile making people look up to her more.

What did she campaign for? Eva Peron campaigned to "Reform" the frightened Constitution. She also campaigned for woman's rights and Poverty that was in Argentina. One of her campaigns was the vote of women's heart in Argentina.

This is when Eva Peron was at the heart of women's vote in Argentina

How did Eva Peron die? Eva Peron had Cervical Cancer. Which made her not able to campaign for Vice President with her husband. Eva Peron died at the age of 33.

She was in the hospital and diagnosed with Cervical Cancer

Where did she die? Eva Peron died in Buenos Aires, Argentina which is where she worked and achieved her dreams. She died on July 26, 1952

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