Cell To A city By Kaleb Gjestson

Mitochondria to a factory:

Factories takes fuels and other resources to create electricity for the city.

Mitochondria takes the food you eat and turns it into energy for your body.

Peroxisome to water purification factories:

Water purification factories purify water for the city so the citizens don't die.

Peroxisomes take hazardous materials out of cells for your body so you don't die.

Nucleus to a city hall:

City halls control the city, and they administrate the government. It is important for the city.

Nucleus controls the cell and is important for your body. It tells how to make antibodies.

Golgi Complex to a post office:

A post office takes letters, ships them, and places them in your mailbox or at your door, and it can be a magazine or building materials.

A Golgi Complex takes proteins and ships them to different areas. If they make a mistake, the cell can stop working.

Cell parts from ask a biologist.edu: https://askabiologist.asu.edu/content/cell-parts#er


Created with images by cofiem - "City" • ONaniena - "factory" • bfishadow - "Water Treatment" • connormik - "hannover city hall germany" • euthman - "Human Egg" • byzantiumbooks - "Mailbox"

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