A Life Like Dream - 3D Project by Jordanna Romano

The Objective

The objective of this project is to create a 3D scene consisting of at least one character, a setting, and some objects.

I decided to choose a scene from my comic, “A Life-Like Dream”. I decided to do the scene where the main character Amber trips over a branch that the antagonist Walton (who is in the corner witnessing) places. The setting is outside in the village of Vida. Amber’s friend and mayor of Vida is standing by warning her, but it’s too late.

Creating A Character

The 3D Character Mesh was going to be the main character Amber, using myself as the reference image. Looking back, I don't think I'm going to use as much detail as the image entails. To make this successful, I will use polygon extrusions and refine it using advanced modeling tools.


3D Environment/Props

The environment/setting was going to be outside scene with the props being a small house, a log, and trees.

For the house, I plan to use the polygon extrude to make the windows along with the door.
The trees are fruit trees, so I plan to add small spheres on them.
I either plan on using NURBS or manipulate a sphere to make a branch.


I plan to use 3 point lighting to show the shadows of the trees and Amber falling.

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