Acrostic poem







Tell all




Two adlectives

Forgetting, writing, not editing

A poetic poem

Five lines

Color poem

Xanadu is the color of a philodendron leaf

A cloudy rainforest

A dirty frog

Xanadu is the color of something from forever 21

A bombing jacket

The soothing color

Of a rainy day

Xanadu is the name of a city

A 1980 musical

Xanadu is the smell of linen

A extravagant green left in the rain

Xanadu is the color of my house

The feel of boredom on a stormy day

Rain pitter pattering on green leafs


Gay people aren't bad

Homophobics are not scared



One day bob was asked to write a limerick

But it turns out he was illiterate

He started to write

Just out of spite

He failed. It was deliberate

Line break

You can

Give life

And take it away

You're my blessing

And curse

- J. Y. Tacheva

Name poem


Alive, imaginative, hairy

Two million three hundred ninety four thousand six hundred seventy one

iPhone SE and shiny roses

It's when I finish this poem

It's a memory of John daker (look it up)

George Washington carver taught to rotate crops

George Washington carver when he told people to stop planting only one type of crop

My name is Milo!

It's a crop

Rhyming poem

Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

They strung up a man

They say who murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met at midnight

In the hanging tree


Made by myself With sincerity, Yours truly

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