Christianity By: logan griffin, Ryan kazminski

Before Christianity was officially a religion, there was a prophet, or the main prophet of soon to be Christianity, Jesus Christ, that preached of one god, and how this god was the true god of all. although Christianity was officially founded in Jerusalem, The religion started to catch on in the Roman empire, which came to be known as the holy roman empire. Christianity was started as an offshoot to Judaism, and did not accept Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, as one of their prophets. The connection with Islam and Judaism to Christianity was mainly rough due to many different beliefs about their own religions, and were mostly prosecuted early on by the two religions.

The followers of Christianity follow the holy book of the religion called the bible, which was actually split up into two books, the new testament and the old testament. The old testament came first and focused on how god had given his followers laws to live by if they wanted to be holy and be sent to heaven after death. The new testament shows how Jesus had fulfilled the laws of God. Christians follow theses laws in their place of worship, in churches. There are many churches around the world for Christians to come and pray at. Mainly a session of church is mainly held on Sundays, the break of the week, but others can pray on different days like a Friday night or a Saturday etc. A morning session of going to church consists of praying, holy songs, and usually a lesson that is spoken from one of the holy bibles. Although there are many churches around the world, there are significantly more important and older ones, like the catholic church, which the religious leader of Christianity is head of, the pope, pope Francis.

Christianity is certainly a big religion, and therefore have sects of Christianity. Sects mean there are groups of people that follow a religion, but tweak the rules or beliefs a bit to express how they believe Christianity really is. A few popular sects include Catholic, Baptist, Orthodox, and Lutheran.

Important holidays that Christians celebrate include Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus (December 25), Good Friday, which is the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross (The Friday before Easter), and Easter Sunday, which celebrates the day that Jesus rose from the dead (Sunday in March or April, for 2017 it is April 16)


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