Ensure Your Flexible Endoscopes Feel Loved... ...and are procedure-ready with these testing / protection products and repair services.

We keep your flexible endoscopes up and running.

FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE TIP PROTECTORS: Protect the distal end of your endoscopes during storage, transportation, and pre-cleaning. The vented design is available for both large and small diameter scopes.
FLEXIBLE ENDOSCOPE LEAK PROTECTOR: Detect leaks to avoid both cross contamination to patients and fluid damage to your scopes. Choose from the DIGITAL LEAK TESTER: Easy to read digital pressure display. Not only identifies leak, identifies leak location Unit includes an adaptor for your scope type/brand or the HANDHELD LEAK TESTER: Fast, easy, and convenient. Quick release switch allows air to escape without having to release the soak cap. Can be used anywhere, doesn’t require any additional accessories or water.
VERIFEYE® VIDEO BORESCOPE: Examine the full length of each lumen inside your endoscopes. High resolution visualization of previously inaccessible areas allows you to inspect for damage/residual bioburden and take necessary corrective action, if needed, before your next step.

DO YOUR ENDOSCOPES NEED SERVICE? We can help. We service most endoscope models including Olympus® EUS/EBUS ultrasound scopes. Quick turnaround inventory inspections offered at no charge. Endoscope care and handling programs with Continuing Education offerings are provided both on-site and online at www.university.steris.com

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