Trust the Process Oklahoma's 2017 senior class is one of the best in program history and it leaves behind a legacy of hard work and championships.

"These guys came in and became a part of getting back to the top of the podium. They were around for one of the second-place finishes and recognized the work they had to put in to get back to the top. Obviously they will go down as one of the better senior classes we have ever had." - Head Coach Mark Williams on the 2017 senior class


Q: What has been your favorite memory as a Sooner?

A: One of my favorite experiences was coming to my first football home game. That was amazing because of how excited fans get and how much pride fans have for their school. Being in Colorado its not a strong football state so coming to see that and just the support the Sooner scrowd gives was amazing.

Q: What has been your favorite memory from competing?

A: One of my fist competitions we were at Michigan which was No. 1 and we were No. 2. This was my freshman year and we were on floor first. I remember standing in the corner getting ready for my dismount just being out of breath, but I could hear all my teammates right next to me screaming and cheering me on. I stuck the dismount, I nailed it. I have never been so excited in my entire life.

Q: What makes your senior class special?

A: You know Josh (Yee) and I are fifth-year seniors, so the fact that we are willing to come back for another year just to show that we are No. 1 and how passionate we are about the school is pretty special alone. We have so many top guys that are healthy and are ready to finish the year strong. We’re ready to get a third title and we are so ready to go out with a bang.


Q: What has been your favorite memory as a Sooner?

A: The first time winning the national championship at home with that big group of seniors. We had gotten second four times in a row so that was a special moment.

Q: What in particular stood out in that first championship win?

A: Probably when Danny (Berardini) hit his head on the p-bars and he was bleeding, but he still finished his routine. After that everyone was so pumped for high bar. It just showed how bad we wanted it. That was a cool moment.

Q: What is your advice to the younger gymnasts who will come after you?

A: Just to trust the process and to put the work in. If you trust what the coaches say and believe it, then you can achieve anything. Hard work pays off in the end.

Q: What is the most special thing about this class?

A: We have spent a lot of time together. We have seen a lot of adversity. When we came in we got second at the NCAA Championships and now we have won two in a row. That’s pretty special. It would be awesome to finish with three in a row. With this class, that started in second place—with how it was to lose and now to win and be undefeated? It would be pretty special.


Q: What has been your favorite memory as a Sooner?

A: I just love hitting a set and running it back to the team. You see their faces and everyone is so happy. I remember when my grip broke on high bar this year against Michigan. I had to go again at the end and I stuck the dismount and everyone went crazy.

Q: What is the relationship like between the seniors?

A: We kind of grew up together, even before college gymnastics. We didn’t really know each other back then, but we competed against each other. Then coming here we just became so close. To share a third title with those guys would be amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it. I would just be so happy.


Q: What has been your favorite memory as a Sooner?

A: My favorite memory has to be starting the meet on floor at NCAAs in my junior year. That was a really intense moment where I was able to do a really good routine, stick the dismount and get fired up and run it back to the bench to get ready for horse. I ended up winning the national championship and it really came down to sticking the final dismount. Without that I would have taken second or third.

Q: What is the most important thing you've learned in your four years at OU?

A: I think the biggest thing I have learned is that culture will always beat talent or scheme. All our guys work so hard day-in and day-out. We have the idea that if we do the right thing each and every day then in the end it will pay off.

Q: How has gymnastics prepared you for life?

A: I think just taking a really detailed and hard-working approach to everything I do. Whether it’s in my job or fitness after gymnastics… in everything I do in life. Just to be extremely hard-working, detail-oriented and persistent in everything you do.


Q: What's your favorite Sooner memory?

A: Winning at home in Lloyd Noble in 2015. We had gotten second so many years in a row and that group of seniors just wanted it so bad. It was really awesome to be at home, in the Lloyd Noble Center with a home crowd and have those seniors go out with a win.

Q: What was the best moment from that win?

A: Team finals really stands out. I only competed vault that year and when I did I stuck it and looked back at those guys and saw them going crazy. That was awesome. It was a surreal feeling.

Q: What has be the most important thing you've learned here?

A: You just have to trust the process. Mark always has a process every year and sometimes he changes things here or there but you just have to trust it. If you don’t then you are not going to learn anything from it. You just have to trust Mark and do what he says and it always pays out in the end.

Q: How will you apply that in life?

A: You just have to know that if you put all the work and effort and passion into what you do and whatever your craft is, it will work out. That is all you can do. You just have to put in all the work and the time an effort and it will all work out.

The top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners are back at McCasland Field House Saturday night at 6:50 p.m. to take on No. 4 Illinois. The 2017 senior class will be honored at the meet, which is OU's last regular season and home meet of the year. Fans can also catch the action live on FOX Sports Oklahoma and FOX College Sports Central.

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