Essential Workers Portraits by Kelsey Brann

Humble, Texas, April 20, 2020. Standing outside the local IHOP, essential service worker Christene waits for the next customer to pick up their To-Go order.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought much of the U.S. economy to a standstill. Then entire country was affected, from Washington D.C. to Humble, Texas.

Businesses that are able to stay open are employing essential workers to keep everything up and running. Essential workers must balance their responsibilities with their health. They are the ones who stand outside in the hot sun to keep count of customers, take to-go orders, and deliver meals and groceries to those who order them. Without them, many people’s lives would be compromised.

Humble, Texas. April 20, 2020. Essential service worker stands at the register as she checks out customers at Target. Newly added pieces of plastic put in between her and the customers prevents the spread of COVID-19.
Humble, Texas. May 4, 2020. Three post office workers stand behind the counter. They help every customer that comes into the store, although there is a new rule put in place that only one customer may be helped at the counter at a time, rather than the usual three customers at a time.
Humble, Texas. May 4, 2020. Essential workers at Petco stand at the entrance to the store, making sure only a certain number of people are entering the store at one time.
Humble, Texas. May 4, 2020. A convenience store cashier stands behind a newly installed plastic divider as he rings up a customer.
Humble, Texas. May 4, 2020. An essential worker at Lowe’s continues to perform her daily tasks for customers, including helping them load their cars with their purchases.
Humble, Texas. April 20, 2020. An essential service worker stands outside Walmart and counts how many people enter and exit the store. This has become necessary in order to prevent too many people being in close proximity to each other to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Portraits by Kelsey Brann