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Traditional discussion "boreds" ...

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Let's look at several ways to get creative with Canvas discussion boards or discussions in general...


  • Creative, interactive video discussion
  • Mobile app, integrated in Canvas
  • Free and easy to use

How to set up Flipgrid in Canvas

Instructions or watch this video!

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Use groups for Discussion Boards

  • With more than 15 students, threads get long and dry.
  • Avoid the echo chamber!
  • Set up Canvas groups at start of semester
  • Create discussion board (duplicate assignment) and assign to specific groups
  • Richer dialogue with smaller groups
Instructor active participant in Canvas

How to set up groups in Canvas

Make discussion prompt interesting

  • relevant
  • engaging
  • allow application of concepts or expressing opinion
  • higher order thinking - debate, analyze, synthesize, judge

Use Multimedia

  • Use audio/video record feature in Canvas and allow students option to record responses
  • Include images, embedded videos in the prompt
Consider student created media... students upload a graphic organizer, create a meme or infographic, and share with each other...

Student created sample social media post for business course

Assign roles or personas...

  • Rotate a student facilitator, or assign students to take differing sides to a debate
  • Example: Music Theory professor assigns students roles of composers/musicians and has them respond as that person. "What would Stravinsky say?"

Student Voice, Student Choice

  • Multiple prompts, pick one
  • Student created prompts
  • Multiple means of expression (video, artwork, audio, written, poem, Tiktok)

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Recapping the ideas

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