The Story of Buddha's Enlightenment Peyton Townsend

@PrinceSiddhartha Today a man named Asita told my parents that I am a special child #blessed
@PrinceSiddhartha My mother, Queen Maya passed away today and now I will be raised by Prajapati #sad #R.I.P. #newbeginnings
@PrinceSiddhartha It turns out that I'm too smart for my teachers, so they can no longer teach me #education #iamthecaptainnow
@PrinceSiddhartha I saved a swan's life from an arrow in it's wing today #lifesaver #swanlivesmatter
@PrinceSiddhartha The swan I saved is now mine and doesn't belong to the hunter, Devadatta #court #justice #killingiswrong
@PrinceSiddhartha Today I won Princess Yasodhara's hand in marriage by winning all the contests #champion #winner
@PrinceSiddhartha My father made me and Princess Yasodhara two castles for winter and summer #thankyou #luxuries
@PrinceSiddhartha Seeing the city for the first time today #hype
@PrinceSiddhartha Saw a sick, old man in the city today, and I didn't know people could get old or sick #getwellsoon
@PrinceSiddhartha Saw a casket with a man in it in the city today, it made me sad #sad #R.I.P.
@PrinceSiddhartha Beginning my journey to enlightenment today #freshstart #newknowledge
@TheBuddha Today I have found enlightenment and become the Buddha #lifecomplete #buddhism

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