How can we find out wich pebble,stone or rock is the hardest? Millie,RIo and TeaGen

What we need

We need about six different size and weight rocks,pebbles or stones.

We will need saftey goggles

We will need to throw each rock from the same height.

We will need to throw each rock at the same force

What we will do?

First we will get rocks or pebbles

Next we will climb to the monkey bars

Then Teagen wil climb to the top

After that Rio will climb to the middle and Millie will stay were she is.

How will we keep safe?
  • Have a responsible adult to keep us and other kids safe
  • Make sure no one is under neath us
  • Make sure we are protected
  • Dont throw the rocks to hard that it hits someone in the face or comes flying back up


Created with images by falco - "iceland volcanism landscape" • msumuh - "goggles safety glasses eyewear"

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