The young, golden voice at Lecanto High Sophomore finds his niche announcing sporting events

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 5:07 pm

By Erica Adkins

Special to the Chronicle

Every once in a great while, there is someone who just has the right voice.

Lecanto High School sophomore Ronnie Romanelli is one of those lucky people. As a result, he has become the announcer for home boys’ basketball, baseball, football and girls’ soccer games.

Romanelli started out announcing in middle school, when he was offered a job announcing his school’s football game.

“I was offered the gig because I know a lot about football; it was my first big break,” said Romanelli.

Since he is still a student, he has to find time to balance all of the announcing jobs he has, along with his schoolwork.

Some say having a student as the announcer really pumps up the crowd, as well as the team, and gets everyone ready for an exciting game.

“It’s just awesome for morale; it’s an added layer of excitement,” said boys’ basketball coach Jared Brantley.

“He works hard to make it more interesting for the audience; he’s very charismatic,” said assistant principal Kathy Androski.

As for how people feel Romanelli does in the booth, most people think he does a great job and should announce even more sports.

“He does an amazingly good job, and I love hearing his voice,” said senior Alejandra Fernandez.

Romanelli would like to pursue a career in announcing and his friends and family support him in achieving this goal.

“It’s what I want to do in the future and hopefully make a career out of it once I get a communications degree at Syracuse University,” he said.

“I really feel that this is something he was born to do; he enjoys it and is very good at it,” said his mother, Rosanne Romanelli.

“He has the attitude and intellect to have a career in this field,” said sophomore Brandy White.

Recently, the Lady Panthers’ soccer team played in the Elite Eight state game. Romanelli was given the opportunity to travel with the team and do a live Twitter session of the game, which was the biggest and most exciting job he has had thus far in his career.

“Although the girls lost, it was an amazing experience for me,” he said.

Romanelli hopes to keep announcing and supporting the Lecanto Panthers sports teams in the future because it is something that he loves to do.

“I want to thank Lecanto High School for giving me the opportunity to do this,” said Romanelli.

Erica Adkins is a sophomore staff writer on the student newspaper,

advised by Dr. Jennifer Poyner.

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