J.A.Y.: Children of War Jasmyne · Aminah · Yash

Background: Refugee Children

2011: Over 11 million children of war fled their countries.

2017: Over 13.5 million children are still desperate for safety.

  • Lost homes and families.
  • Lack of food and water
  • Dangerous environment
  • Loss of youth and innocence

Our Mission

Rescue and recover refugee children through:

  • Our Developed Foster Home
  • Foster Parenting
  • Adoption

How will we do this?

Troops are sent out to rescue and deliver refugees

Medical attention is given as necessary

Children will travel to America to our foster home

They will stay at our foster home where they can gain a new life

What our foster home has to offer

  • Activities for Children in the Community and Refugee Children
  • Student Volunteering
  • Foster Parenting
  • Adoption

OPPORTUNITIES for chiildren

Through this entire program, we plan to provide a new life and an experience in a safe environment.

These children deserve our assistance after all the misfortune they have suffered from.

Our foster home provides general care, free education, food, shelter, entertainment, and medical services.

Refugee children are welcome to stay until their adoption day.


It is important that these children forget the scarring splits from their families and allow them to recreate a new family with anyone willing to adopt. By adopting one of our foster children, you are given the gift of a new life and family.


It is completely understood that adoption and permanent care may not always be something one can achieve because it does require life long dedication. However, foster parenting allows for providing guardianship to these children at one’s own convenience. Foster parenting ranges from providing a temporary shelter in your house to performing daily routines with a foster child on convenient days.

Opportunities for Children within the community

Children in our community are privileged because they have a roof above their head, food on their plates, clothes on their backs, loving guardians, and an education. Our goal is to restore the lives of refugee children so that they can be privileged as well. Through our incorporation, boys and girls of any community can come by to talk and spend time with boys and girls of our program. This gives them a perfect chance to get to know and help them adjust to normal lives as children. Though both groups of children come from completely different backgrounds, there is no difference in what they have potential in doing growing up.

Volunteering opportunities

Students can volunteer in foster home too. We have numerous helpful activities for students to engage in for aid and enhancement in our services, environment, and their own personal experience. Our volunteering opportunities range from helping us with fundraisers and events to engaging with the kids themselves. Students could come in and tell stories, teach kids new things, do activities, and create friendships with all of our children. We update weekly and monthly with ways students can volunteer at our foster home so that there is never a missed opportunity.


J.A.Y. is a non profit organization and all of our expenses go to the children and their provisions. Adoption, foster parenting, participation, and volunteering is extremely appreciated however we also accept donations to provide children with an enhanced environment. Stop by our foster home to donate any old or new clothes, shoes, toys, or anything you may not need or would like to provide the children with.

Future goals

Our goal is to repair these children’s pasts and provide them with a newer, better life. We believe that there should be no child suffering from a war-torn past or a lost childhood. These children deserve to cherish their youth instead of having it taken away. As J.A.Y., we strive to rescue these children and provide every child with his or her own attention and support so that he or she can live like every other child deserves to live:


Important dates:

  • Interest Meeting:

We will have an interest meeting which will take place on 2/1/17. You will be able to receive more information on what you may be able to do to help and ask any additional questions

If it’s not possible to come on the day of the meeting, feel free to email us or stop by our foster home for any details.

  • Adoption Day and Foster Parenting:

Consider welcoming a new member to your family starting March 14th, 2017 from 10a.m.-7p.m. Mondays through Thursdays. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to become a loving parent or sibling to a child who could never have one. Adopting a child could repair their war-torn hearts and bring them a new life.

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