Why no exams By: Ted Modrick

At first you might love the idea of no high school exams but later on in life you are going to need to take an exams like college or Professional schools. School was made to learn more and get you ready for the future so I think exams tests you on what you know and should be used to decide if you should pass a class. The issue is MCPS desied to get rid of high school exams and now most high school classes you take 4 tests throughout the year. MCPS changes to exams reduces the challenge of a hour or longer test and reduces it 4 30 minute exams spread out through the year, some school board members, teachers and parents of students that are in or are finished college believe that this is the wrong decision.

In an article by the washington post Frances Frost said “I think we need final exams, I think there needs to be a standard form of assessment across the county because that’s one way we make sure that every child is getting the same curriculum, the same challenge, in every school.” This supports the claim because we understand how exams are very hard and tedious for students but school system what's their students to go higher education and you will need to take exams so the schools should prepare students. This change is not preparing students for the real world and instead isolating them in this school system. Later on in life colleges and jobs look a lot at test scores so school should get you ready for the real world.

And it’s not just me saying this lots of mcps graduates have said “that taking final exams prepared them to take AP and IB exams, followed by final exams in college”. This supports my claim because some people want exams to prepare for college and there are mcps graduates saying that exams in some classes helped them for college. If you bring the challenge of AP or IB exams to all students would be ready to get into college and prepare them for exams in college. All I’m trying to say is exams prepare you for the future.

On the other hand lots of students believe that the 2 hour exams don’t show what they know. In an article by Bethesda Magazine they said “Final exams also have a troubled history in Montgomery, where high school students have failed math finals at rates of more than 50 or 60 percent in some courses”. This quote shows that it's not just the students saying they do bad in exams there is cold hard facts saying students don’t do well on exams. This evidence is very good reasoning for MCPS to change how they do exams but it could also make other school system think about changing some things. That being said I still feel like you learn about taking tests even if you do very bad or even fail an exam.

All things considered people exams are looked at as a good thing and a bad thing by different people. With MCPS removing 2 hour long exams for high school classes and adding in 30 minute exams every quarter some people are happy about these changes and some people are upset. In conclusion this choice should be yours do think students feel school is a good place for student to learn or a place prepare for the real world, it’s your choice.

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