The stories that built Silverton The men who conqured the wild

The start of a job here is tough and dangerous, there are many ways to step wrong on an active job site. Loggers must be vigilant in their work to avoid accidents..
Nothing about this job is easy, weather never cooperates, from dust to mud, blazing sun to freezing snow. There is no reliability with nature, you must learn to adapt.
Through the ages the logging industry has seen many changes, from logging with horses to logging with 30,000 pound machines.
No where else in the world has an industry like Oregon. None are at our level of operation to this day. Due to the new ownership of land in these regions, and loss of connection with the land the future for the industry looks grim. Accountants and shareholders control the future of the Forests, and all they see is money. There is less and less regard for the land, Because of these facts the logging industry in our area will very likely die out in the next 10-15 years.
Tools of the trade. These are some tools that have not changed through the ages, these time tested tricks have lasted through the lifetime of the industry.

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