To Kill A Mockingbird point of view project by megan lee

The Boo Radley Game

From the perspective of Boo Radley

I see Scout, Jem and Dill playing their games every day. After looking at how they play games, I get the feeling that they are basing the game off of my life. I have heard the rumors being told about me. They all think of me as a monster and that makes me really sad because I am not a mean kid at all. Yes I got in some trouble a few years ago, but I do not sneak up on people and eat squirrels. This is almost offensive, seeing the three of them play games that ultimately mock me, but I understand why they do it. Maybe they want to understand me better so they are describing my life to learn. I found it quite silly when they held the note up by the window to try and get me to play. I might have come out if Mr. Finch didn't catch them and take them home. I felt as if them getting in trouble was my fault because they just wanted me to play. Although I found it kind of rude when they snuck around in my yard trying to see me as if I was a caged lion in the zoo hiding from the public. So that is why my father shot in the air to scare them away. I guess now they'll never come back and try to play with me. It made me really sad when Scout rolled into my yard and ran off scared because I would've helped her but she was too scared to be attacked by me because of all the rumors she heard.

The Shooting of Tim

from the perspective of Atticus Finch

I found out there was a rabid dog here in Maycomb coming towards my home where my children stay. I was so scared they would get hurt. As I got home I saw the sheriff Heck Tate there at my house holding a gun. He told me I had to shoot the dog that was down the street by the Radley house. As I took the gun and walked towards the road, so many thoughts went through my head. I was nervous. My children didn't know I knew how to shoot a gun and they didn't know that I used to be called 'one shot Finch' because I was the best shooter in Maycomb. Usually hit everything on the first shot and barely ever missed. All this time I didn't want them shooting and thinking you're only brave if you shoot, and here I am, about to shoot this dog. Hopefully they still understand that shooting doesn't mean courage. I raised the gun and aimed it at the dog, my glasses fell off but I pulled the trigger anyway and shot him. I was just glad that my kids are safe from harm now. I will have to talk to them about not thinking that shooting is courage though.

Francis and Scout fight

from the perspective of francis

Ugh. Scout and Mr. Finch and Jem are coming. I don't want to be seen with them because Mr. Finch is ruining our family. He is helping a black man. Why would he do this and actually try to help the man out? He has to be an N-lover. No white man in their right mind would help a black man. I want them to leave. I expressed this anger towards Scout in a teasing way but then she got really mad at me. I was just having some fun. Then she chased me into the kitchen where I was gonna get yelled at so I made an excuse and got out of it. I continued to tease her so she got mad but then she decided to attack me! Half my face just got pushed in because of her! Well let's just see how she enjoys being attacked back with words from her uncle. That'll teacher her to stop attacking me because of one thing I said to tease her.

Tom Robinson's Trial Case

from the perspective of tom robinson

I don’t understand sur. She asked me to come past the fence many of times to help her with some chores like kindlin or choppin' up a chiffarobe. She had me come on November 21 and come into the house to fix a door. But when I saw the door, it was fine. So I was goin' to leave but she tell me to get the box off a chiffarobe for her. So I did as she asked and before I know she was huggin' me by the waist… and she… kissed me on my face and told me to kiss her but I didn't. I said to her, no I can't do that. I tried to get out of the house but she blocked the door and I didn't wanna hurt her. Then Mr. Ewell come and was yellin' so I ran outta there as fast as I could and didn't look back. I was scared sur. Scared that I'd be in court for something I didn't do. And that is just what happened. Please sur, please. You have to believe me. I didn't do nothin' to harm Miss Mayella. I didn't want to be here. I was just trying to help her out with chores. Not try to kiss her. I don't want that sur. I just thought she needed help. When I heard all the guilty results, I didn't want to keep trying any more. I knew a black man like myself going up against a white girl would never win. I guess this is my last part of life now that I am going to be in jail forever. I never took advantage of her… I was just tryin' to help. Why does she do this to me?


By doing this assignment, I realized how differently this story could have been told if it was told in any other perspective besides Scout's. With different people telling these brief parts of the story, I am able to understand that each person views the events of Maycomb in a very different way than Scout Finch does. If another character told the story then it would have been biased in their opinion of how things went; where because Scout is the narrator, everything is unbiased since she herself is innocent to what is happening. She will tell it how it is and not how it should be. Most all of the citizens in Maycomb would have made the story a completely different one if they wrote it instead of Scout. If the people of Maycomb tell regular stories the way they tell court case stories, then none of the stories would ever be close to each other since no one can fully agree on what happened.


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