Plate Boundaries by Juan jones

This is were the Subduction Zone is (aka) Convergent Plate Boundary.........were the Oceanic and Continental Plate collide together while the Oceanic plate goes under into the mantle and melts. Also the type of stress here is compression.When the Oceanic Plate melts under the Continental Plate it put pressure and makes lava come up threw the Continental Plate and forms Volcanic Arcs. This is Convergent Plate Boundary is when the 2 continents crash or slam together and rise up and form mountains. Also the motion of this Plate Boundary is that there plates move together.

This is Transform Plate Boundary..........this is when 2 plates slide horizontally past one another along a transform plate boundary. Also earthquakes are common along this type of plate boundary. And the San Andreas Fault, is part of the transform plate boundary. This plate boundary has a stress called Tension. And it's motion is 2 plate sliding past each other.

This is the Divergent Plate Boundary.........when 2 plates separate and create new ocean floors or crust. This plate boundary has a stress called Tension. And it's motion is plates spreading away from each other.


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