"There are no secrets, just fun" Jacqui Franks talks to Newburytoday about how she loves sharing her passion for art with her students

Jacqui Franks

Contact Jacqui: Pinewood Studio, 201 Andover Road, Wash Common, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6NB

Tel: 07786776598

Email: jacquelinefranks@hotmail.co.uk

Jacqui Franks

Jacqui has been invited to exhibit at the online exhibition for The Wildlife Art Society International, (TWASI) and Newbury Art Group online exhibition. Here she tells Trish Lee more.

"I teach privately one-to-one, as well as in groups, following teaching at Newbury College since 1983 and have been involved with two local art groups for the last 25 years - both of which still function - but I retired from the Speen class to share their painting days as an artist," she explains. "More recently I extended out to Liddington with another delightful group.

"My students are of varied ages, from 16 to 90, novices to highly-talented. I have also taught Aspergers, autistic and dyslexic young people aged 16 to 18, who mounted an exhibition of their work at Arlington Arts - I was so proud of them.

"Being accepted at The Royal Academy summer exhibition twice and The Mall Wildlife Society and selling at both were real highlights. Fortunately, I have sold around the UK and abroad - as far as Canada, Australia and Africa.

"My paintings express my artistic thoughts and sometimes my ‘title’ gives a vision of what stares out from the canvas. The techniques I use vary - hot press paper for detailed work and cold for textures, using watercolour to fall into the pockets of the painting surface. This creates an invitation to paint shapes which appear with little effort: soil, earth, snow and water, created by a build-up in layers of paint using watercolours - practise gives a perfect picture a clean fresh appearance and avoids the muddy look of stirred paint when overworked. Many different techniques are shared, using all media with their individual qualities.

"It’s great to share all my techniques with students. There are no secrets, just fun and enjoying the results from painting."

Baydon Stud Foal
Ice Kingdom
Rock Ptarmigan.
Startled Tiger
Strolling Pheasant.
Herd Instinct