Florida Museum of Natural History By: Sofia Gutierrez

Nature on Display

This exhibit was the "Indigenous Women's Festival Wear from the Andes". I found this exhibit to be appealing because it represents a part of my culture. The colorful pattern is worn in time of celebration and festivities and is a piece from the culture in Peru. Being able to see the intricate design of this dress, I was able to understand and appreciate a piece of my past and heritage. I found this experience to be enjoyable because I was able to show my friend whom I attended the Natural History Museum with a piece of culture/ background.

Nature and Ethics

Through the Butterfly Museum, I was able to experience feeling as a member of Leopold's "biotic community". I was fascinated by the way these butterflies were so beautiful and had different patterns. I was even able to observe a butterfly eat a fruit, which I had never seen before and found it odd how they don't have mouths and they still eat. I observed other people be fascinated by the butterflies and enjoy taking pictures with them. The museum allowed a one to one experience with nature by allowing us to go walk around with the butterflies flying freely. After this experience, I felt an ethical responsibility to appreciate and protect nature, because they should be part of our every day lives.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by being able to experience amazing things from the past. For instance, I had never observed such a large animal and to think that this animal once roamed the earth is crazy to believe. It reminded me, that humans weren't always around and there was a time where it was dominated by these massive animals. It helped me appreciate the time that I live in today and to take advantage of the time I have now and to make an impact before I am no longer here.


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