Antagonist By Kyle Terrode


"To initiate change"

"Antagonist Magazine UK", like it's name implies, will be focusing on the villains of today's society. The Misfits. The ones who go against what seems to now be the norm. Youth.

We are often challenged to follow this strict path in life, all planned out from start to finish, with varying no degrees of rewards promised. So many have followed this path, but rarely ever feel fulfilled. Only settling with whatever situation they end in.

In today's society, many youth have realised this, and have begun diverting, forging their own paths. Many see them as being foolish, "there's no profit in the unknown", "why don't you go to uni?". A small few see them as being brace and support their choice, while I don't necessarily disagree with universities, I do believe it is not suited for everyone, and they are seemingly thrown to the side for being different.

This publication intends to highlight such individuals, and showcase the goals they're pursuing; the challenges they've faced, or are facing, while striving to achieve them. It'll serve as a means to encourage others to follow their dreams and passions, not to be confined or shut out of their unique minds

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Kyle Terrode

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