Entomology A branch of Zoology that deals with Insects.

Entomology deals with the Science of Insects. Scientist study Insects to find out ways to cure or medicate dangerous poisons or diseases these insects might give. Also to help farms and crops with how to combat crop eating insects that damage the roots and soil.

Entomologist being scientist having to study using many elements of Biology are very similar to Biologist's with a more specific study. Using similar means and equipment to study insects.

Entomology is also one of the reasons why we can use things like Bug Spray which will kill insects via touch and are safe for us.
Entomolgy studies insects as said, it can tell us what Insects are "good and bad" for us, and our crops. Entomolgy helps the agricultural business by telling Farmers what insects will benefit farms and which ones will hurt their crops.
Insects like these are a huge pain in the sides for Farmers, and Entologist's can come up with ways to combat these Insects.
Entomoligists advocate the use of Predatory insects to eat and "combat" these harmful pests.




Entomologist studying a large beetle.

Ladybugs are a good "protector" insect for crops. They eat a number of harmful insects and don't eat much of the crop themselves.

A brand of Bug spray used to kill insects while protecting humans.


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