Hex Hall Rachel Hawkins

The overall setting of the story takes place in Georgia. A closer to that is Graymalkin island. This makes me feel excited because I have never been to Georgia, let alone know much about it so maybe as I get deeper in the book I will learn more about Georgia. I imagine the temperature would be excruciating.
Some specific locations are Hecate Hall. Hecate is a main and specific location because that is where the main character runs into all of the problems or has different emotions. Another specific location would be the girls dormitory. This is important because this is where Sophie discovers more about her roommate and bonds with her and discovers that although she is the only vampire and they are to be monsters, she is actually a really great person.
This novel takes place in the present time. This makes me feel more connected to the story because I know what it is more like because I live in the same timeline. Knowing that this story is at the same time that I'm alive I understand what might come next because it has the same technology as we do. I imagine that since it isn't much of a nice and pretty rich place so I guess their technology isn't that advanced or with so much technology.
I kind imagine that it would be very hot and humid temperature. Since the beginning of the story it started in Augusts which is the fall season. This makes me feel a little less excited about the book because I really hate hot and humid temperatures. I can imagine the characters trying to keep cool or where sunglasses for the sun.
Since it's a school I would say there is about an average population, in the beginning with parents it would be crowded but when the parents left it would be a bit less crowded. The kind of people that live here are magical beings and are angry because they don't want to go to Hecate. This makes me feel left out because I don't really understand this since we have to Prodigiums in the real world. I imagine that it would have very dark colors since the building is so old but bright colors to represent the færies at the school.
Some specific clothing in the time stamp of the book would be the schools uniforms as everyone where's them. Another item is a necklace that Jenna has that has a stone called the blood stone. It is an important object because for a vampire, if you didn't have the blood stone then lots can affect you. As in sunlight, garlic and holy water would be very hard to stay away from or not to touch.
I'd say that the overall mood is angry and upset. Jenna was really upset when people accuse here of murdering Holly. Other kids are angry because their kinds don't really get along. Some boys are really angry because they don't understand why their parent sent them to the one school they don't want to go to.
The setting affects the story because it sets the mood. The building is worn down and bland, it doesn't set that happy and joyful mood. When you understand how boring the building is it shows and understanding of the depression of the characters.








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