Computer Applications Hannah Hubbard

Why I was interested in taking this class

I was interested in taking this class because although I do use computers quite often and I understand the basics, there are so many other helpful tools that I have yet to utilize.

The most important thing I have learned in this class

The most important thing I have learned in this class would most likely be Excel. It could do so much more than I ever even considered it could and really opened my eyes to how vast computers, the internet, and technology really is.

My top three favorite projects and why I liked them

My absolute favorite project would have to be the Favorite foods project because I really enjoyed utilizing all the unique features and tools that power point had to offer after learning about them. Other than that I enjoyed the time we spent practicing typing because it helped me with my other school work. Last but not least learning what google draw could do was eye opening because I use google drive all the time and never even considered google draw.

Conclusion: Would I take this class again? Would I recommend it to my peers? Why or Why not?

Overall my experience in Computer Applications was very beneficial because I learned about many useful tools that can help me with any work, as well as a greater grasp of how vast the internet and technology is. I would recommend it to my peers because I learned things that I can use instead of taking an elective just for the credits and not really learning anything of any value to me.

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