In the Box Magazine Issue 2: Tutorial

This month's tutorial is a simple book binding technique that will show the steps for making a simple sturdy journal for writing or art, or both! Ready? Let's go.
What You Will Need
  • 20 sheets of 8"x11 1/2" Paper of your choice. For practice purposes, I recommend using inexpensive filler paper.
  • A large sewing needle. I recommend the largest needle in the multipack of needles that you can buy at most stores.
  • An intact cardboard box with no holes or tears, at least 8 inches wide on 2 of the sides. You will need this to make your cover.
  • Strong glue stick, tacky glue or very thin double sided tape.
  • An exact opposite knife or sharp box cutter.
  • (Optional) Paper trimmer
  • Scrapbook paper large enough to cover the box
  • A Ruler
  • A large surface to work on
  • Very basic sewing skills
Choose a scrapbook paper that you want as your outside cover and paper for your inside cover. Use your own creativity to match patterns and colors, or use a different pattern for each cover! It's yours, do what feels good!
Signatures are what the groups of pages are called. To create your signatures, fold all of the paper in half horizontally along the width ( as in photo). Tear or cut the paper along the crease in perfect halves. You should now have 40 sheets of paper. Fold them in half once more. These are the pages for your journal.
If you want to decorate your pages, do this before you have started to sew them together. (Tip: Envelopes cut to size and decorated make great pocket pages!) Decorate as you wish.
Now it's time to prepare for sewing. Take 5 of the folded sections and place them inside of each other. (See photo) Do this with all of the pages until you have 8 groups of 5.
Stack your signatures evenly and using your ruler, draw 3 evenly spaced lines along the spine. Use a dark enough color that will show a dot on the seam. Larger books may need more holes.
Using an awl or your large sewing needle, punch holes through the holes that you have made. Make sure that the holes go all the way through. Only punch as many holes as you have drawn.
To better help with the next parts of the tutorial, I am going to provide video links that show detailed instructions on book binding. These are not my videos, they are the property of the individual YouTube members.

Video credit: SeaLemon

Decorate as desired.

Congratulations! You just made a book by hand. For information on ordering a custom made journal, please follow the link below.

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