HAKAWATIFILM by Ofelia de Pablo & Javier Zurita

Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita are filmmakers, photographers and journalists. Their work have taken them to more than 70 countries documenting political, environmental and social issues that define our times.
They are internationally recognized for their adoption of a hybrid visual narrative, directing and producing influential documentaries for several of the world's best media: The Guardian (UK), National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, TIME, Channel 4 News (UK), The Observer Magazine, GEO (Germany and 20 countries), Der Spiegel, CNN+, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stern, WWF Media, Red Bull Media House, Conde Nast Traveler, GQ or Vanity Fair, among others.
Since our founding in 2011 by journalist/filmmaker Ofelia de Pablo + DOP Javier Zurita, Hakawatifilm has been at the forefront of multimedia storytelling, generating award-winning stories.
Recently they have focused on conservation stories by making award-winning documentaries on European projects such "Doñana’s Human Heart", to help to protect the most important wetland in Europe or improve the coexistence between wolves and humans in "Sharing the Land" selected, among others, for the Wildscreen Festival, the most important international nature and conservation documentary festival in the world.
Their documentary "Red Gold Slavery" is nominated for the Amnesty Media Award 2020 and they have received the Manuel Ortiz Foundation NY award for "The Invisible Genocide" published in The New York Times.
They are passionate about visual storytelling that stimulates public dialogue & advocates for positive change.
Their body of work includes ‘Congo CSI’ denouncing the genocide against Hutu people in Congo DR broadcasted on Channel 4 News UK or the ‘Invisible Genocide against Women in Guatemala’ documenting the massive rapes against 100.000 women published at The Guardian.
Also they took a deep look into a daily life of a ‘21st Century Geisha´ in Japan for National Geographic or ‘Girls Trafficked in Nepal’, a documentary piece documenting the new slaves of the Century.
Among their reportages and expeditions stand out the ones executed in Egypt, Mozambique, China, Vietnam, Tanzania or South America related to human rights issues or their recently investigation for The Observer UK about sexual trafficking in Spain: 'European Capital of Sexual Slavery' or COVID 19 crisis for Channel 4 News