U.S involvement in the Vietnam War bY Nathan guevarra

About U.S involvement

The United States wanted to stop communism from spreading throughout most of the east side and by doing so, they wanted to go to war and cause a disruption on the peace in the United States.

U.S involvement in the War

U.S involvement in the Vietnam War was profoundly caused by the fact that Anti-Communist gov't of South Vietnam resisted this and fought the North Vietnamese army with the help of the U.S. The U.S was trying to contain communism

Media through the War

At the beginning of the World War 2, television got popular only and only 9% owned a TV set in 1950, but in 1966, it arose to 93% because people found it more easier to tune in on stuff through the TV set. With this rise, Camera and audio recorder arose since it was the beginning of getting the news around.

Protest against the War

The American public protested after the bombings started to happen in North Vietnam. Anti-war marches, SDS, protests gained support over the next three years.

Legacy of the Vietnam War

Even through all the blood and wrecks of the Vietnam war, pieces of the War was left all over the place and it is still remembered today. It changed the whole nation as a whole.

Art in the Vietnam War

Op art was getting known which would then lead to psychedelic art and protest art was more in the late 1960's. Graffiti came around and were on abandoned buildings.

Music during the Vietnam War

The music revolved around rock'n'roll and peace love music for people just wanted to get along.

Literature during the Vietnam War

Literature was raw and real for it was all about the war and the people who wrote would be the soldiers and protesters for they did not believe the war should have existed.

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