CHAPTER ONE- This chapter is great because it give us a nice introduction to the book. It gives us a rundown of the stories and of some of the people Father G has worked with. It lets us know Fathers G's mission and what he is doing to help. This chapter shows us the strong faith and compassion Father G has for the troubled gang members. Through this chapter I have been inspired to try to help others more.

CHAPTER TWO- This chapter is an exciting chapter because we learn about gang members looking for help. There is gang members who are addicts and thugs who want help. A lot of them were once addiction free and successful, but turned to drugs later in life. This means a lot because it shows us how the gang members are searching for help. They are not waiting for it to come to them. It's nice that they have someone like G to go to for help.

CHAPTER THREE- In this chapter I learned about compassion. Compassion is loving kindness. Just like it tells us in this chapter God wants us to be compassionate. This means we should be compassionate for gang members. We should be compassionate towards them and treat them with respect.

CHAPTER FOUR- This is an important chapter because it shows us the effect Baptism has on the homies. They saw it as a new life, a rebirth. With Baptism they were able to become someone different from their gang member self past. I'm think this is great because lots of these gang members really do want to change. Without Baptism change for the homies would probably be much different and much harder.

CHAPTER FIVE- This chapter is about the gang members getting Jobs. When the homies get jobs it helps them change greatly. This way they are not reliant on street money. It also helps them experience normal society more, and helps them integrate back into it. When G is helping getting them jobs he's not trying to change the homies, he trying to guide them in the right direction. Without G some of the homies may never gets jobs, but because they have him they do.

CHAPTER SIX- I thought this chapter was really good and interesting because it give us an in depth look at how gang members can integrate back into normal society. It also shows us how rival gang members can make their peace and not hate each other anymore. Chepe and Richie, members of rival gangs, went on a conference with G and their hate for each other was turned into a mutual friendship. Another example is Travieso and Clever, also rival gang members. They were enemies and wouldn't even shake hands but one day Travieso gets beat up badly and dies. When Clever heard about this he tried to help him and even tried to donate him some blood. At the end of this chapter all of the homies from different gangs talk about how they are going to come together to create loving communities, and that they are going to break down their hatred.

CHAPTER SEVEN- Through chapter seven we were able to see what makes the homies happy. We learned what made the homies happy, and what made them feel joy. This is cool because they have a different perspective on things because of the different loves they have lived. Reading this chapter also helped me better realize what makes me happy in my life. It also helped me to realize all the things I take for granted in life, and I now am going to try to stop taking those things for granted.

CHAPTER EIGHT- This story is sad because we learn about a mother named Soledad's life experience. She is a mother of four. But two of her kids have been killed by gang members in recent years. She still stayed strong because she knew she had two great kids left who still need and who she loved. One day she was in the hospital and she saw they gang member that killed one of her kids being wheeled in, he was injured. Instead of cursing him she prayed for him, and prayed that he will survive. This is powerful because it tells us we need to have forgiveness, and we should always respect others and not wish the worst for them.

CHAPTER NINE- Through this chapter we learn about kinship. Kinship is like a sharing of characteristics or Origins between people. When the Ganges members found out abut G's sickness they were all very worried. Many homies talked to him to comfort him and to try to build a kinship with him. I think this is important because sharing experiences helps us all get through things better. It makes our lives easier and more enjoyable.


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