Seventh grade By gary.soto

Seventh grade

It's the begging of a new year the beginning of seventh grade for Victor Rodriguez and this year he plans to win over his crush Teresa. Victor is very anxious to go to French a class he just so happens to have with Teresa. The time for French class arrives and Mr.Beuller begins thr class asking if "anyone knew French" Victor hoping to impress Teresa raises his hand when Mr.Beuller ask Victor to speak friends he dosnt because of course he dosnt know French. Vicor begins getting embarrassed and realizes to just be himself around Teresa.

By Gary Soto

PIECE OF EVIDENCE #1. "Hi Victor"Teresa said "yeah that's me" said Victor this piece of evidence tells me that Victor is trying to impress Teresa.

Piece of evidence #2 Victor raised his hand hoping to impress Teresa.

Piece of evidence #3 Victor has never been so embarrassed wishing he could start his life over.

The overall theme of the Story is to be you're self and to not act you're self to impress anyone.

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