Stonewall Riots By: Hunter Gehrman

The Stonewall Riots were a series of riots led by homosexuals in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in New York. The Stonewall Riots were originated when a police raid at a gay bar in New York lead to violence against the citizens in the bar. This caused violent riots from the patrons in the bar and citizens who believe what the cops did was wrong.
The original goal of these riots were to create equal rights between gay and straight people. This was because in 1969, the LGBTQ+ community was segregated from the regular community and was told they weren't allowed to be who they want to be. According to, "The so-called Stonewall Riot was followed by several days of demonstrations in New York and was the impetus for the formation of the Gay Liberation Front as well as other gay, lesbian, and bisexual civil rights organizations. It is also regarded by many as history’s first major protest on behalf of equal rights for homosexuals" (History). They were also told they couldn't marry someone of the same sex. Gay people continue to fight for their right to marry who they want. On June 26, 2015, when the US Senate passed a law legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. This law however, in certain states, is trying to be outlawed.
Stormé DeLarverie : African American lesbian, performer, and gay civil rights activist who was present the night of the Stonewall Riots. She became extremely well known throughout the gay community as "The Gay Rosa Parks" and someone who stood up for what was right. She represented the LGBTQ+ community and helped the community have a voice in a society who discredited homosexuals.
Pulse Night Club Shooting: On June 12th 2016, a security guard killed and wounded over 100 homosexual and heterosexual people in a hate crime attack at "Pulse" gay nightclub in Orlando. This is similar to the Stonewall Rots because it was a hate crime acted against the hate community, however; in this attack there was no riotting against the assailant because he was armed with weapons.
In conclusion, gay rights are controversial and problematic government influenced issues that are still present in todays society. South Dakota's governor Dennis Daugaard passed a bill allowing child adoption agencies to deny adoption to same sex couples. According to , Child-placement agencies can now enact any policy based on “religious belief or moral conviction” — and, as long as they adhere to their own rules, they cannot be punished by the government for doing so. This means that refusing to place children with same-sex couples, single people, or couples who have had premarital sex will not endanger any agency’s access to taxpayer subsidies." (Ford) This law states that if someone in a child placement agency doesn't believe in same sex adoption, they can deny families of their right to be happy and adopt. In reality, this is taking a step backwards in LGBTQ+ rights while living in a progressive society like the one we live in.


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