Freak The Mighty: Max By: Stesha persaud

Learning style: Visual

3 Characteristics Of Visual: Remembering what I see instead of what I heard, I remember pictures and diagrams, and I prefer to read and write instead of listening

  • Using it in the classroom: Sit in the front of the classroom, use flashcards to learn new words, and try to visualize of things I hear or is read to me

Max's learning style: I think that Max's learning style is visual, since Max doesn't know how to read as well as other kids his age, he reads comic books. The pictures in the comic book help Max understand whats going on in the book better without reading the words and it helps him in his everyday life.

Multiple Intelligence: My multiple intelligence is existential, some characteristics are, I enjoy conversations about life, I like visiting breath-taking sites in nature, and learning new things is easier when I understand their value. Three ways I can use it in the classroom are by, expressing my thoughts and feelings, be able to make hard decisions, and be creative and unique.

Max's multiple intelligence: I think Max's multiple intelligence would be visual-Spatial. Max processes information from his visual learning by, remembering/ imagining pictures, faces, images, videos, or just things that would help him.

Brainedness: My dominant side is the left side. Some characteristics are, likes to take risks, good at imagining things, and agrees with mew ideas. I can use my brainedness by, planning time to do work, works well with others, and tries the best way to solve a problem.

I think that Maxwell is right "brained" because, the left brain controls reading, writing, and calculation. As you know Max isn't the smartest kid, he has trouble reading and writing and learning in general. The right side of the brain controls imagination, creativity and feelings, which Max is more effective in showing throughout the story by, confronting his dad about the mother, daydreaming, and imagining Kevin with a whole new body.


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