Allan Pinkerton Tyler Berg, Roman Clark, Drew Faflick, Benjamin MacDonald, Conner McCormick

Tensions in the States

  • The Noth and the South were divided on the issue of slavery
  • The South wanted slavery but the north didn't
  • The South seceded from the U.S. because of this

Who He Was

  • A Private Detective for Hire during the 19th Century
  • The first head of criminal investigation
  • Created the Pinkerton National Detective Agency


  • Born on July 21, 1819 in the city of Glasgow, Scotland
  • Grew up in a poor household below the poverty line
  • Didn't receive proper education
  • Father passed away when he was 10
Pinkerton's hometown of Glasgow

Life Before Espionage

  • Before Allan Pinkerton was a spy he immigranted to America from Scotland in 1842
  • Join the chartist movement (a labor protest to advance trade unions)
  • Got married in 1842
  • Open Cooper's shop in Illinois in 1846
  • A Cooper's shop is a barrel and untensils making shop
  • Good friends with John Brown
  • Strong Anti-Slavery supporter

How He Found Espionage

  • Entered Detective work accidentally
  • Camping on island
  • Noticed other suspicious campers
  • Checked them out and discovered that they were counterfeiting coins
  • Alerted Sheriff

The Agency

  • During the 19th-20th century, his detective agency was the "strikebreaker".
  • His agency gained national attention in 1861
  • He was also assigned to protect Abraham Lincoln, he also ended up saving him the same year, in 1861.
  • One of his most investigations was to figure out the sabotage of the Baltimore Railroad.
  • He conducted missions for Major General McCellan during the civil war.
  • He tracked down outlaws in the early 1860's early 70's.
  • After his death in 1869, his sons took over


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