What opportunities does KRB create to promote positive experiences and learning outside the classroom? By Olivia, Anna, Nicole, Lucy and Grace

Brief Opportunities

Kincoppal - Rose Bay offers many opportunities outside of the classroom including: sport, exchange, debating, leadership opportunities, academic competitions, social justice, camps, choir/orchestra, drama, wellness, boarding, city immersion and peer support.

These pictures show girls participating in gymnastics in the gym (top left corner), girls doing needle work (top right corner), girls swimming and on the diving board in the old pool (bottom left corner) and girls playing tennis on the courts (bottom right corner).


In 1882, a Sacred Heart Association in Roehampton, England went to Australia and opened a school in a house called Claremont. It is called the Rose Bay Convent. The school's main wing begun during 1884 and the Chapel was designed by John Horbury Hunt during 1900. The junior School was in the main building of Rose Bay until 1951 when another property was bought and named 'Barat - Burn'. Until 1976 the school was amalgamated and became one site.

The Society of the Sacred Heart was founded by a french woman called Madeleine Sophie Barat, who invested her life in the education of women. The convent of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1882 while in 1909 Kincoppal was founded in Elizabeth Bay. The two schools were amalgamated in 1971, bringing it to being Kincoppal - Rose Bay, the school of the Sacred Heart.

The Hughes' House

In 1869, the Hughes family purchased an elegant residence in Elizabeth Bay. They named this residence Kincoppal. After the unfortunate death of Mr. Hughes, his wife, two sons and four daughters lived on in his legacy. Two of his daughters became Sisters of the Sacred Heart and in 1909, the eldest daughter, Maria, became a superior of Kincoppal. The property was redeveloped and in 1971 Kincoppal and another school called Rose Bay Convent were amalgamated.

This picture is from the 1880's.

Opportunities at KRB

Few the many opportunities KRB offers

Kincoppal - Rose Bay offers many positive experiences outside of the classroom. This caters for children's needs and talents as they many not be academically strong.


At KRB, learning experiences outside the classroom can include sport, like netball, fitness, hockey, touch football, tennis, basketball, cross country, swimming and accomplishment sports. Every term, a high school student is to apply for a sport as it is compulsory. KRB makes sports compulsory because they like to encourage teamwork. Each sport are broken up by term and by seasons so each student can choose a different sport each time.


Kincoppal - Rose Bay is one of the best-known schools that offers to board. Before it became Kincoppal - Rose Bay, Rose Bay Convent was a school that only allows boarding. They could only see their families until the end of a term. Boarding at KRB start from year 7 and can be enrolled as a boarder at any year.


Leadership is a great learning experience for students. It helps them face challenges outside the classroom, gives them a chance to learn new skills and also contribute to the community. Leadership is a good way to give students a positive role in the community of the Sacred Heart.


Exchanges to other Sacred Heart Schools all around the world is a great way to experience different cultures, traditions and ways of living. Students can learn from the different schools and have different point of views as well as creating many great memories and friendships that can last for a lifetime.

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