Day One Imumtuwek

Well LZ. I am trying something new. A bit of a visual journal to keep in touch. In addition, the Volume 2 - December LZ journal issue, is digital this time. As you recall, Novembers issue (first one at the news stands) was a print version, featuring the World Series champs - Chicago Cubs). The makers of the journal are testing the waters to see about "going green" and eliminating the use of paper. At the end of the week there will be a short evaluation form - at that point you can let us know if you would like to receive the print or electronic version for future journals.

Journal Renewal; The renewal fee each month is a simple kiss (and a whisper in the ear - stating you do or don't want next months volume in print or digital). To receive a journal by the 1st of each month - please let us know by the 15th of the month. This gives our editors and creators time to finish the volume in time for timely delivery.

General Rules; here are a few housekeeping items to discuss with you before this weeks trip takes off. Periodically I will insert ;

  • Random images (just reminisce or enjoy)
  • Links (just click an d enjoy)
  • Buttons that are clickable (just sip a bourbon and enjoy)

So as this week starts - let's construct it as a music video. A somewhat world record length music video. In other words - to keep me/us moving along and chiseling away at our time in two different places, let's get a song in our head.

Sunday Morning; It was such a gift to open Vox this morning and see you there. I was thrown off at first .... sending the message then "bing" - "read"? Huh? What's up with Vox I thought. Well let me test this again. Maybe I'm still asleep even though I'm standing in the kitchen listening to the sounds of coffee struggling to drip into my awaiting coffee cup. Yes this journal is sounding more and more like a cheap book. "My awaiting coffee cup"? Why would I write this way? Well you are getting realtime me LZ. Whatever mood I'm in or however the day is going - this can be considered your realtime Z journal. Thanks for making my morning such an incredible surprise for me with you on Vox!!

Waiting for take off - wish you were sitting by me 😘

Short delay - ice issues with the plane. 😑. At this point just tell me the flight is cancelled. I would rather just get off this heap and go see my LZ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I would even take the. πŸš‚β˜οΈβ˜οΈ

Guess there's a lot of ice on the plane. They are still de-icing the plane. I looked out the window and the snow is coming down !β›·β›· so I checked Voxer and lookie what link was shared with me.

They gave us a 2 minute warning for take off. So one last thing LZ. On the plane I'm thinking of our trip to and back from Colorado. The absolutely thrilled person I was flying out with you that day. Sitting by you on the plane. Not yet sharing with each other some of the feelings we've felt since day one. Kind of brushing our arms and hands as the flight takes off. No even knowing that our relationship would soon be taking off as well. Traveling with you and stopping in our small mountain village - just letting the day come to us - was - as I look back now - symbolic of our relationship from day one. Letting our relationship just be what it is - on its own - no scripting - just very real. The work week together and the evening get togethers - all leading and building up to what was the start of a relationship Im so very content with. To flying home with you and now holding your hand - as we both had had a chance to express our feelings - feelings expressed on that starry night in pueblo. You are so incredibly special to me LZ. Our relationship is one I value and want to take care of and protect. OK now the plane is about to get the hell out of here. Pilot just came into cabin to make sure the snow was off the wings. ILUMTYWEK

2 hours later. Plane is finally going to attempt a take off !! Is is that an airplane ✈️ wing out there?? πŸŒ¨β˜ƒοΈπŸŒ¨.
Leaving the winter wonderland ~ heading to Denver.
Gift 1 🍷🍸down the hatch😳. Thanks LZ!

Next drink - I will wait for some ice. You are the best LZ. THANKS for being so incredibly special to me! It's hard to explain but let me try. You know how you can just go about life. Dealing with what it gives you - maintaining the everyday routine - putting out πŸ”₯ fires and just trying to make each day happen ? Yes that was one long ass MF question I just wrote. πŸ˜‚. Well let me tell you. Take that above stuff I just wrote but now add this "hard to describe" feeling of happiness. Connection. Something you know is hard to explain. Something you also can't / don't get to share with everyone. But it is just now in your path. Yes everything else gets done. Yes everything is handlerd normally. But NOW there is this feeling. A feeling that just fills your day. A feeling that makes completes it. A feeling that makes it exciting to wake up to. Well LZ. This feeling is YOU!!!❀️

Ok. So what's wrong this picture ?
  • There is something still in my cup?
  • I miss my LZ !??
  • I wish I could fly LZ out to Denver to escape in a cabin with me?
  • One of these beverages is not what was given to me?


After a two hour (plus) drive from Denver to Pueblo I arrived at the hotel. When I checked in there were packages at the from desk. I knew which one I wanted - the one that was last touched by LZ. Back home in Chicago. I've wondered what you were up to LZ.

Day Two

Today I woke up and the first thing I did was played thousand years song that my LZlined up for me to listen to while I went to open my second envelope and the two packages that went with day two. What did I find??

Whoppers and Kisses

I love you LZ. What a great day to start the day. First thinking of you - followed by the surprises for the day. From the bottom of my heart and all around it - I love you. I love that you are in my life.

I'm so sorry little Corey was not feeling well but glad he stayed home with you. Lucky. πŸ˜‰. Hope your day went well and at least glad you didn't have to deal with jingle all the way Hewitt. What a pain he is!! And tomorrow is your. If tanning day too - which I hope goes well with all your preparation for Thursday's big party. You'll look so gorgeous for everyone - just wish I was able to be there with you.

Just got. Ack from dinner with Bryan and mark. Blah blah blah. Ahhh. Yaa. So that sums up dinner. Now having a night cap with ahh ya.

A sad pour - makers mark. 😑😑

Will check in with you shortly LZ. I miss you so much. Sorry today's journal wasn't filled up with more dirt. Just a busy day. Now gotta get ready for buy 4-day show 😑😑

🌹 2017 first trip back to Kentucky!! 🌹

So I left off last December when we looked at his site last. Now I'm back on the toad again in 3017. But as our story continues - my love for you continues to get deeper.

Just arrived in Lexington- a place that holds deep and loving memories no one can ever ever take away from You and Me!! New songs added to our playlist. A journal which now keeps our hearts talking and connecting. Living through new moments for us. Thanks for being in my life LZ. I believe there is a reason why our paths crossed. Please continue to hold my hand - and always hold on tighter - our hearts need to read more chapters in this amazing love story.

Sorry Lz. But you need to know how in love I am with you ! ❀️

Horse Country -Bourbon Country - You and Me Country 🌹🌹🌹
Our memories Lz - good bourbon and late nights. 😘
Walks to our outdoor spot! ❀️

Just thinking about my Lz on this trip. When I took a walk to our spot - it really sent a rush of emotions through me. Our path is so alive inside me Lz. Our first day in the lobby. Numerous moments just talking and working together in the first months., getting to know in my heart what is going on - and that my feelings for you were real - yet we just had never taken that steps to say anything to each other. Our trip to Pueblo - when we sat - towards the back of the plane going out. Sitting by you and feeling that rush of emotions becoming more and more irresistible. Getting the car and driving to pueblo - stopping to shop for my jeans πŸ˜‚. Arriving in pueblo and working with you - just couldn't stop the feelings once again - from being so real. And then to us. You and Me - Sitting outside the hotel.

Where we first shared our feelings. Under the stars in Colorado
Our evening spot - Under the stars in Lexington
Malone's - Thinking about my Lz.

Had dinner last night with Mark, Bryan and Brian at Malone's. I made sure I sat at the table so my eyes were able to look over to our spot at the bar. I loved that time with you at Malone's Lz. I just had the ability to reminisce about us.

This has been a tough week for you - and just wish I could've been there for you. I'm at fault Lz - as I think messaging can sometimes get my head and heart to read into things and come to wrong conclusions. I'm so sorry about that.

More to come 🌹❀️😘

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