The Liquid Destroyer alcohol underneath the surface



• parties can easily and quickly make young adults preys of alcohol •
• the media wants society to believe that having fun without drinking is nearly impossible •
• games are created, such as beer pong, to try to make drinking merely seem like one, big, fun game •



"I'd never drink" turned into "Just one sip"

• "Just one sip" turned into "I need some" •
• "I need some" turned into "I can't live without it" •
alcoholics are susceptible to deep depression

"I can't live without it" turned into "You have cancer"

Alcohol AND ITS CorrOSION TO The Body
• the many deadly side effects of alcohol •
• the liver on the left is a non-drinker; the liver on the right is a drinker •

When a person decides to say ‘yes’ to alcohol, they give away control over their bodies, Negatively affecting others they care about

• alcohol has the power to disgustingly and horrifically ruin relationships •

protect the body God gave you, do not destroy it


[Ephesians 5:8]: "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit"

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